Ink Customers in Style With the Right Tattoo Chair

Tattoo chairs listed on eBay come in a range of styles that might benefit your parlor or give it an upgrade. Read on to familiarize yourself with some of the main features these chairs might have and to find the model that fits your style and professional needs.

What types of tattoo chairs can you buy?

Many brands make chairs in different styles to fit the needs of various tattoo parlors. The chair's style usually helps to determine how it looks, its form factor, and some of the features it might have. You can find both new and preowned tattoo chairs in different styles on eBay. Some of the main types of chairs you'll discover are:

  • Massage: Some tattoo chairs have motorized massage functions that may help your clients relax during the inking process.
  • Table: Some chairs can fold down into workstations or tables that might make it easier for you to create complex tattoos in certain areas.
  • Stools: You can also find a selection of new and used hydraulic tattoo stools. Many of these stools have adjustable height measurements.
Primary features of tattoo chairs

Tattoo chairs can have different features depending on which models you choose for your parlor. However, some chairs share basic features that you can sort through to find the one that works for you. A few things you will come across in your search are:

  • Hydraulics: Tattoo chairs or tables with hydraulics allow you to adjust them for height or length. This may be a useful feature if you need to reach certain angles easily.
  • Electric: An elect-powered chair usually has motors that can support a massage feature or similar elements. This kind of chair might have ports that you can use to attach some of your equipment.
  • Portable: A portable tattoo chair has folding armrests, headrests, and seats as well as chest pads that are designed to make it easy for you to transport the chair.
What materials does a tattoo chair use?

Different companies incorporate various materials into the designs of their chairs. In most cases, the cushion material or backing is a form of PVC leather. This material is usually soft enough to provide comfort to tattoo clients but dense enough to repel sweat and excess moisture. Support legs and adjustment mechanisms on the chair use stainless steel components for durability.