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Things to Know About the Tandy Computer

The original Tandy computer system, the TRS-80, went on sale in 1977. Also referred to as the Model I, the TRS-80 included a monitor and a full mechanical QWERTY keyboard. Tandy was one of the first companies to mass-produce personal computers.

What types of computer did Tandy produce?

The Tandy corporation manufactured several different personal computer models beginning with the TRS-80 Model I in 1977. Here are some of their better known models:

  • TRS-80 Micro Computer System: Launched around the same time as the Commodore Pet and the Apple II, the Model I came with between 4KB and 48KB of memory with a Zilog Z80 1.774 MHz CPU.
  • Tandy 10: This was the first attempt by Tandy to appeal to the business market. It had two eight-inch dual-sided disk drives and 48KB memory.
  • TRS-80 Color Computer: Also referred to as CoCo, the Tandy Color Computer was available with up to 512 KB of memory and ran on a Motorola 6809E processor with a 1.79 MHz top speed.
  • Tandy MC-10: The MC-10 ran on the Motorola 6803 processor. It had a cassette reader for loading programs and 4KB of RAM.
  • Tandy 1000: Tandy made the shift to PC compatibility with this model, the first in a line of Tandy computers based on the architecture of PC jr.
How much is a Tandy computer worth?

The value of a Tandy computer varies widely depending on the model, the release year, and the condition of the machine. You can find Tandys and other vintage computers on eBay at reasonable prices. In many cases, you can buy them in excellent condition. Computer collectors might value Tandy machines because:

  • Importance: Tandy was among the first movers in the large-scale personal computer market, making them innovative pieces of machinery.
  • Good investment: These computers had many successful, nostalgic game titles, which appeal to fans of the gaming industry.
  • Historic: Tandy computer history is an integral part of PC history in the world.
How fast are Tandy 1000 processors?

The company made a number of different Tandy 1000 models, each of which ran one of a few processors. Typically, earlier Tandy 1000s came equipped with an Intel processor running at between 4.7 MHz and 8 MHz. The later models are faster.

  • 1000A and 1000HD: Intel 8088, 4.7 MHz
  • 1000TX: Intel 80286, operating at 4.77 MHz or 8 MHz
  • 1000SL and 1000SL/2: Intel 8086, operating at 4.77 MHz or 8 MHz
  • 1000TX: Intel 80286, operating at 4.77 MHz or 8 MHz
  • 1000TL/3: Intel 80286, operating at 5 MHz or 10 MHz
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