Catch a Game with Tampa Bay Lightning Sports Tickets

The Tampa Bay Lightning is a pro hockey team that is based out of Florida. You can find a number of Tampa Bay Lightning tickets on eBay, allowing you to see games throughout the season. Whether you want to watch the Lightning in Tampa Bay or elsewhere around the United States, there are often tickets available.

Where are Tampa Bay Lightning games played?

The Tampa Bay Lightning are based in Tampa Bay, Florida, at the Amalie Arena. However, they will play games all over the United States and Canada. When you're buying tickets, it's important to look at whether it is a home or away game to ensure you know what city the game will take place. Some specifics include:

  • Home: When you get tickets for a home game, the Lightning will play at the Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay.
  • Away: The Lightning will play in another arena, such as one in Boston, Toronto, or another city where there is an NHL team.
Lightning games tickets

The Tampa Bay Lightning will play a number of games throughout the year. It's important to look at the different types of games that are being played, based on when it's happening and how the game will affect their standings. Some different types include:

  • Pre-Season: Before the official season starts, the team will play several games as a way to practice and prepare.
  • Season: A total of 82 games are played by each team during the standard hockey season.
  • Stanley Cup Playoffs: If the Tampa Bay Lightning make it to the playoffs, you can often find tickets on eBay for these games.
Where are some seat locations for Tampa Bay Lightning tickets?

When you buy tickets to see Tampa Bay Lightning, you have to consider where you want to be located. There are various areas around the ice, allowing you to get a different perspective of the game. It's good to know that 100-level seats are closer to the ice while 300-level seats are higher up. Other locations may include the following:

  • Club seats: Usually the most expensive, they're on the second level and may provide added amenities, such as separate bars and restrooms.
  • Center ice: A great way to see all of the action that is similar to what is shown on TV.
  • Against the glass: This can be a great experience because of being a pane of glass away from the hockey players.
  • Lower level: Get close to the action of the game.
  • Upper level: Some of the most affordable seats are on the upper level. Behind the net and in the corners can provide you with a good view of the whole game.
What might be included in a bundle for NHL tickets?

When you buy Tampa Bay Lightning tickets on eBay, bundles may be offered. Every bundle is unique, so you will want to find out what's included. Some combinations may include:

  • Multiple tickets: You may find that there are a pair (or more) of Lightning tickets.
  • Parking: A parking pass may be included to park at the arena.
  • Apparel: Some kind of apparel may be provided, such as an NHL jersey or hat.
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