Tamiya is a Japanese brand that makes equipment for radio control enthusiasts. The available subjects including race cars, passenger cars and trucks, and military airplanes, ships, and tanks.

Which types of products does Tamiya manufacture?

The Tamiya brand focuses on replicas. Nearly all of its RC and classic kits tend to be based on real-life vehicles, and they all feature painstaking attention to detail. The Tamiya product portfolio is quite diverse and includes:

  • Scale models
  • RC cars and trucks
  • Educational building kits
  • Mini 4WD racing vehicles
  • Hobby magazines and novels
What is scale and how does it affect your choices?

The scale of a model indicates the relationship between the size of the subject and replica. Larger sizes tend to provide more space for details, and smaller sizes tend to require more precision handcraft. Competitive RC racing is a situation where size isn’t a matter of preference and is dictated by the class of car, truck, or buggy and the organization overseeing the race or show. Any scale you choose will be proportionate to the real-life dimensions of the represented vehicle.

Which types of scale models are available?

The Masterwork Collection includes fully assembled replicas that are finished down to the finest details. For the hobbyist, Tamiya offers buildable racing and passenger kits. You can choose to build your own replicas of automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, and military vehicles. The Water Line Series is a special collection that showcases famous ships of the world.

Are Tamiya RC vehicles sold as kits or RTR?

While there have been exceptions over the years, most Tamiya products are sold as kits as opposed to RTR, or ready-to-run, vehicles. A chassis and all of the other vehicle-specific parts will be included. This approach gives you control over the build as well as the freedom to choose your:

  • Motor and servos
  • Batteries and charger
  • Transmitter and receiver
  • Electronic speed control or ESC
  • Paint, decals, or other decor options
Which types of Tamiya RC kits are available?

Tamiya tends to focus on electric RC kits, but it has manufactured nitro-powered vehicles over the years as well. Due to the brand’s focus on replicas, these kits often feature official and exclusive licensing from major automotive brands. In addition to RC cars, the brand has made monster and stadium trucks, military off-road vehicles, military on-road vehicles, tractor trailers, and much more.

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