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GMC Canyon Tailgates and Liftgates

The tailgate or liftgate provides an important function on your GMC Canyon truck. The tailgate features a hatch at the rear of the vehicle that opens and closes to give you easy access to the truck's bed. It also features a fiberglass board that is tough but also removable, so it can be positioned for the driver's convenience.

How does a GMC Canyon tailgate work?

The tailgate on the GMC truck model works when transporting large items. It keeps the items in the vehicle level when loading and unloading. The tailgate eliminates the need for ramps. The stability keeps the truck's load stable, which lessens the likelihood of damage. The gate also opens for easy access.

What types of liftgates are available for the GMC Canyon?

Canyon crew cab tailgates vary in size, function, price, and quality. Regardless of the type of crew cab, the tailgate often is equipped with tough, fiberglass panels, a spring-loaded latch, and a multipurpose bed. Some options include:

  • Canyon Trunk Hatch Tailgate: This tailgate is compatible with the SLE, Denali, and GMC models. It has an anti-lock mechanism, and its features are weather-resistant.
  • Chevy Colorado GMC Canyon Tailgate: This is lightweight, fiberglass, and easy to install. It fits beds that are 55 inches in length, and it has resilient molding.
  • 2017 GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado Tailgate: This liftgate is sturdy and durable and made of quality ABS plastic. It has a black finish with sleek and aggressive styling. It’s also very hard to dent, lending extra protection to your vehicle.
What are signs you need to replace your GMC’s tailgate?

Consistent use of your GMC’s tailgate can cause wear and tear, and it may need to be replaced. Here are two common signs that it’s time to swap it out:

  • Broken Tailgate Handle: Hot and cold weather conditions can eventually take their toll on the handle. It will eventually become brittle, worn, and may eventually snap in two.
  • Stuck Tailgate Handle: When the handle mechanism fails to engage or disengage, this could be the sign of a faulty latch or a broken rod. But this can also be due to dirt clogged in the handle. Check this first; if it's not dirt, then replacement will be necessary.
  • Power Lock Doesn’t Function: If nothing happens when you push the lock/unlock button, it could be a sign that the locking assembly is broken on your vehicle.
  • Tailgate Lock Cylinder Is Stuck:If your key fits into the lock of your pickup tailgate, but won’t turn to lock/unlock it, the tailgate locking assembly may be damaged.