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Ford F250 Tailgates and Liftgates

Ford F250 trucks are strong and versatile, able to fit a lot of cargo in their beds. Having the right tailgate and/or liftgate can help you to load and unload items efficiently while keeping them secure. You can find a variety of gates that can fit your Ford truck bed.

What is a Ford tailgate step?

A tailgate step can make it easier and safer for a person to get in and out of your truck bed.

  • You can purchase an aftermarket addition that can be fitted to your tailgate. Some tailgate steps mount to the tailgate itself, some are mounted to the truck's hitch, and others mount to the rear bumper.
  • You can buy a replacement tailgate that has the step built into it. It can be released with the touch of a button and then extended and folded out into position. It also comes with a handle that you can use for stability as you climb the step.
How does lift assist work for a tailgate?

The tailgate is a heavy-duty component on your truck, and this is reflected in its weight. To help you raise and lower it, you can get a tailgate with lift assist. Many tailgates with either built-in or aftermarket lift assist will use a torsion bar, which is placed between the truck bed and tailgate. When you open the gate, the torsion bar takes on the weight of it. Instead of the gate falling down with a thud, it will have a controlled descent. When you close the tailgate, the stress on the bar is released, so you can use less effort to push it shut.

What types of tailgates for Ford vehicles are available?
  • You can get standard tailgates that are similar in size, shape, and design to the original Ford versions. You can match the exact paint code to the one that your Ford truck has.
  • You can find a V-top tailgate to improve vision, enhance airflow, and reduce the weight of your Ford truck. These can either be made of aluminum or steel. You can choose your finish to be black, chrome, or silver, or choose a primed model for painting later.
  • If you like the flow that the V-tops provide, you could also consider a straight, rectangular tailgate. They can come with metallic finishes or white or black powder coat finishes. The handles and parts necessary for mounting these gates will typically be included.
Can you install a liftgate for wheelchairs?

A Ford F250 pickup can be equipped with power liftgates that allow people to quickly lift wheelchairs or other heavy items. In many versions, the hydraulic system is fully enclosed, the operation is straightforward, and all the parts can be folded up and secured after use.