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Ford Escape Tailgates Liftgates

Ford Escape tailgates are made from auto glass and metal. Cleaning them properly keeps the Ford looking attractive and operating efficiently. Utilizing tailgate accessories may help individualize the body of the vehicle for a driver’s needs.

What styles of tailgates are available?

Traditionally, tailgates come in standard, grate, and mesh varieties regardless of the vehicle model. Standard tailgates are solid metal material that open and close with a metal handle. Solid tailgates keep a variety of textiles secure in the back part of a vehicle. While smooth tailgates are most common on a Ford Escape, modifications can be made regarding the amount of auto glass involved.

What materials are liftgates made from?

Ford Escape liftgates are made from metal, plastic composites, and auto glass. The plastic components are tempered by a rapid heating and cooling process during construction that strengthens the textile even more. Often, the auto glass used in the liftgate undergoes the same process and may include fibers of other materials for the same strengthening purpose. Heating elements are common in the rear auto glass for defrosting and defogging.

How do you care for liftgates?

Liftgates on your Escape can be cleaned during an automatic car washing session or by hand. Utilize a soft sponge dipped in warm, soapy water to wash any dirt, mud, debris, or dust from the surface of the window, paint, and trim. Once the liftgate on your Ford is clean, dry it with a soft cloth, taking care not to scratch it. Polish or wax the metal parts by applying polish or wax with a dry, soft cloth in a circular motion. Use another dry, soft cloth to remove any extra substance. Wait for the coat to dry completely before adding any additional polish or wax. Remove any water stains or spots from the glass portion of the liftgate by mixing a paste of three-quarters baking soda and one-quarter vinegar. Leave the mixture on the spotted portion of the window until it dries, and then rinse it off with clean water.

What accessories accompany liftgates?

Accessories like handles, trim, light bars, locks, assists, and nets are all common liftgate additions for your Ford vehicle. Handles help open and close the device while trim can add metallic aesthetic contrast. Power light bars may be installed under the Escape's tailgate to help with nighttime visibility. Locks help keep belongings in the back of a Ford Escape secure. Assists provide support when keeping the tailgate open during an extended loading or unloading session involving lots of cargo. Nets can help organize items in the back part of the vehicle.