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Dodge Ram 2500 Tailgates and Liftgates

A Dodge Ram 2500 model can be outfitted with either a tailgate or liftgate. Both options allow the truck gate to be opened, which makes it easier to retrieve items from the bed. Choosing the right OEM or aftermarket part for your Dodge Ram pickup truck depends on how you'll use the vehicle.

What is the difference between a tailgate and liftgate?

Both a Dodge Ram 2500 tailgate and a liftgate are used to close a truck's bed. However, they function differently. A tailgate is a hinged board. It is attached at the rear of the truck and is easy to lower when loading or unloading items from the bed of the truck. A liftgate does not lower or close manually using hinges. Instead, it opens and closes mechanically. Using a tailgate and liftgate depends on the vehicle's engine, transmission, and whether a trailer or hitch will be attached.

Are all Dodge 2500 tailgates created with the same style?

Not all Dodge 2500 Ram tailgates are created the same way. A stock Dodge pickup tailgate is hinged and features a handle. When the handle is pulled open, the tailgate folds down. To close the tailgate, the gate is brought back to its original position.

Other tailgate styles include:

  • Fifth Wheel Tailgate
  • Tailgate Assist
  • Tailgate Insert
  • Tailgate Net
Does a liftgate or tailgate affect a truck’s engine?

One reason drivers opt to replace a stock tailgate with a new liftgate or tailgate is to improve the vehicle's performance on the road. Trading in an old, heavy gate with a new insert can improve your vehicle's gas mileage and change its aerodynamic design. Both of these factors will create less stress for the engine.

Using a liftgate or modified tailgate when hauling a trailer, camper, or other heavy equipment can also decrease the wear and tear on a Dodge Ram's engine, which will increase its performance and add to its durability.

Are OE tailgates painted or primed?

If you need to replace your stock Dodge Ram 2500 tailgate with an exact replacement, you can. An OE tailgate is sold primed and ready to be painted. A primed tailgate allows the new owner to choose the right color. Paint can be matched to an existing paint color or painted a different color to create a new look. If you are using an already-painted tailgate that does not match an existing paint color, it will need to be primed before painted.