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BMW X5 Tailgates and Liftgates

BMW X5 tailgates and liftgates are attached to the luxury vehicle with assistance from several types of accessories. They require several different types of textiles to construct. Cleaning your tailgate or liftgate regularly can help them to function most effectively in terms of visibility and longevity.

What accessories help the BMW tailgate or liftgate to function?

Hinges, brackets, and lift supports help the tailgate or liftgate to function effectively. Hinges are installed to adhere the top of the liftgate to the rest of the vehicle. These hinges are often metal and are bolted to the BMW. Brackets help to support the tailgate’s weight so that the hinges do not bear all of it at once. Lift supports are cylindrical poles that attach to the tailgate and the back of the BMW SUV. As the tailgate lifts, the supports extend. When the tailgate reaches its most upright position, the supports hold the tailgate up so that the weight does not become the individual’s responsibility. This leaves both hands free for loading and unloading the cargo space.

What are BMW tailgates and liftgates made from?

Most BMW X5 tailgates are made from a combination of metal, plastic, and auto glass. The rear windshield is part of the liftgate as the X5 is a hatchback model. The auto glass in this portion of the vehicle is often pressure- or temperature-treated to improve durability. Sometimes there is a layer of sealant in the middle of the BMW X5's glass to guard against shattering in case the rear windshield is hit with a flying object or involved in a collision with another automobile. The rest of the tailgate is typically light metal like aluminum or carbon fiber painted to match the rest of the X5's exterior. Sometimes different plastics are mixed in with the metal to achieve more durability.

How do you care for BMW tailgates?

Tailgates (or liftgates) for the BMW X5, BMW X5 xDrive35i, and xDrive50i can be cleaned by mixing together a blend of gentle soap and warm water. Apply the solution to the BMW tailgate with a soft cloth. Rub thoroughly until all debris, dirt, and salt is gone. When the tailgate is clean, rinse it with clean water. Dry the tailgate with another soft cloth. You may choose to polish the painted portions of the tailgate by applying polish in a circular motion with a dry, soft cloth. Repeat the process with another clean cloth to remove any excess polish. Let the coat dry for the most protection against scratches and damage to the SUV.