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Volkswagen Jetta Tail Lights

Taillights are an essential component of your vehicle, and while they are important for safety reasons, taillights can also offer a unique and appealing look to your car. There are several things to take into consideration when replacing damaged or missing taillights on a Volkswagen. The array of choice colors, size, bulb options, and more will allow you to find the right taillights for your Jetta.

How do you replace the taillight assembly on a Jetta?

Replacing old taillight assemblies with new ones on your Jetta is pretty simple, which makes this a convenient and easy task to do at home. Specific steps in the following process may vary based on the exact Jetta model and the taillight replacement. So check the owners manual for model-specific instructions.

  1. Open the trunk of the Volkswagen and find the small panels that cover the back of the taillights. Pop this panel open, and there you will see the back of the taillight housing.
  2. Using a socket attachment, unscrew the two bolts that hold the housing to the Jetta's body.
  3. Unhook the wiring harness that attaches the assembly to the taillight wiring. Remove the bulbs in the housing by pushing the tabs on either side of the tray. Pull this component out from the back of the assembly. Replace these old parts if necessary.
  4. Move around to the outside of the car and pull the old assembly out of its socket.
  5. Grab the new assembly and push it into the Jetta's exterior socket.
  6. From inside the trunk, hook up the wiring to the new assembly and place the tray back into the housing, pushing it in until it clicks.
  7. Push on the housing cover and then test them to confirm that the reverse, power, and brake parts all work as they should.
What should you consider when looking for Volkswagen Jetta taillights?

When looking for new light assemblies for your Jetta, there are a few important things to consider to ensure that you get the right option for your car. First, consider the model and year of your Jetta to find options that fit correctly into the socket. Also, consider which specific taillight needs replacement and which parts of these items need replacement, whether it is just the cover or the entire assembly. It is also important to keep in mind the bulb type and design desired as this will allow you to create a certain look for your vehicle.

What are the benefits of LED taillights?

LED lights are a great choice for your VW Jetta. LEDs are highly regarded for their brightness and their long life that can span for over 10 years. LEDs are also very energy efficient, which uses less of your car's battery. They also don't incorporate a filament in their structure, resulting in a less fragile product.