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Tail Lights for Toyota Matrix

Officially titled the Toyota Corolla Matrix, the Matrix is a hatchback that has sporty styling and good pickup and control. This crossover SUV was a joint venture between Toyota and General Motors and has a compact styling that was designed to appeal to younger people. From time to time, as a result of accident or wear and tear, the rear tail lights may need to be replaced, which you can do with OEM or aftermarket options.

Is it hard to find tail lights for a Matrix?

Even though this vehicle is no longer manufactured, Matrix tail lights and headlights can be found easily. Interested buyers can find both manufacturer-produced versions and aftermarket versions that have slight or comprehensive design changes. In fact, when you select a new tail light assembly that replaces a factory-installed assembly, the new tail light replacements will have less clouding so that a high level of light will be visible.

Are there design differences between the early and new models?

Over its more than a decade of manufacture, the design of the Matrix changed noticeably. As a result of these changes, so did the shaping of the tail lights. The earliest versions of the vehicle had the brake lights positioned at the bottom of the tail light. As things progressed past the 2003–2008 design, the manufacturer opted to change the orientation of the tail lights so that the brake light section appeared on the high end of the component.

Additionally, the shaping of the tail lights changed as well. The later versions of the Matrix had a rear assembly the featured more angular, upswept lights that were designed to evoke speed.

What kinds of aftermarket Matrix tail lights are available?

For those that like to modify their automobile, there are several aftermarket tail light options available for the Matrix. These include models that have clear bodies and colored lights, different color options for the brake light section, and even some tail lights that feature unique colors like Bermuda black. There are more than a few customization options available, so take your time to choose the option that you’ll be most pleased with.

Can these products be bought individualy?

When a tail light goes out, you don’t always need both driver and passenger side tail lights. Fortunately, you can buy either driver or passenger side tail lights separately so that you can get the specific replacement parts you need. This makes it fairly easy to repair a bit of damage that happens on one side of your car.