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Saturn Aura Tail Lights

The taillights are among the more important parts of a vehicle, as they play a crucial role in a number of safety functions, including both signaling for a turn and making yourself visible when you drive on the road. While many Saturn Aura owners may never need to replace their taillights, in the event that such a replacement job is necessary, it is important to make sure that the replacement is done properly in order to maintain proper functionality of your taillights.

How do you replace the taillights on a Saturn Aura?

The taillights are one of the more often used lights on any Saturn model, since they are turned on every time you press down on the brake pedal or turn on your headlights. They are very important for many reasons, one of which is safety. It can be hard for the other drivers behind you to spot you at night if the taillights aren't functioning properly on your sedan. If your taillights are affected, then replacing them quickly is an important task. Replacing the taillights on a Saturn Aura is relatively simple. Just follow some simple step-by-step instructions and you'll quickly have a taillight working just like new.

  • Make sure that the new taillight you get is compatible with an Aura. Some aftermarket light assemblies might not fit the space that you have available. It's often a good idea to check and see if the part is OEM certified, meaning that the original equipment manufacturer has signed off that this part is compatible with the original design.
  • Remove the old taillight assembly from your sedan and set it aside. If the bulbs are still good, then carefully transfer them into the new taillight once it is installed. Make sure not to touch the glass part of the bulb as this can decrease the lifespan of the bulb significantly due to the oils from your skin causing the glass to heat unevenly.
  • Ensure that the taillight is fitted snugly in place and is not loose.
How long does the average taillight last?

Taillights see a lot of use, since they are running whenever the daytime running lights are on, or when the headlights of the vehicle are on. With all this use, you will probably have to replace the bulb for your taillights at least once in your Saturn Aura's lifetime. The bigger determining factor in how long your bulbs will last, however, is what kind of bulbs they are. Traditional incandescent bulbs will usually last about five to six years under normal operating conditions. However, LED bulbs can last for as long as double that time on your vehicle, and they are often able to last for as long as twelve years or more before they need to be replaced.