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Tail Lights for Pontiac GTO

Tail lights are a necessity when it comes to the overall safety of a GTO and its driver. When operating properly, these fixtures on an automobile signal other drivers when a car is present or has come to a stop, reducing the risk of rear-end accidents.

What types of tail lights are available for the Pontiac GTO?

The three basic types of tail lights available for the GTO include LEDs, halogen, and xenon. Some lights also work with certain models of Pontiac G6 and Pontiac G8. Make sure to check compatibility before purchasing products for your GT that were actually designed for the G6 or G8.

  • Halogen: The most standard type of tail light. The illumination from these lights is produced by incandescent bulbs, which are installed in a GTO tail light assembly. Halogen tail lights contain a small amount of halogen gas within the bulb that gives it the ability to be illuminated.
  • LEDs: Light emitted diode, or LED lights, have a design that consists of clusters of tiny LEDs, that when illuminated together, produce a bright light. These components are energy-efficient, as they require little power for operation.
  • Xenon: Also known as HIDs, these lighting components create a bright discharge within a short amount of time. The illumination from these lighting components is the result of an arc of electricity that is sent to an empty space located between a cathode and an anode. The xenon gas located within a fused quartz bulb is what burns to create the illumination itself.
What tools are needed to change a tail light?

These parts can be changed using basic hand tools.

  • Socket wrench: Used for removing the bolts necessary to hold a cover on.
  • Phillips screwdriver: Required for removing square, cross-shaped screws that hold some covers in place.
  • Flathead screwdriver: Can be used for removing square, cross-shaped screws when necessary, as well as using to pry covers which may be stuck in place.
Why does condensation build up in a lighting assembly?

There are several reasons in which condensation can build up in an assembly. The following is a list of the three most common reasons for this problem to occur.

  • The boot housing that holds the bulb into the housing may be worn.
  • There may be a crack in the taillight cover or housing of the vehicle which allows water to seep in.
  • The cover may not be properly secured into place.
How do you remove a GTO tail light housing?

With basic hand tools, such as a socket wrench and screwdrivers, you can remove your GTO housing.

  • Gain access to the backside of the tail light housing. This is located inside of the trunk behind the assembly.
  • Remove the bulb. Grab hold of the area where the wires go into the assembly. With a gentle motion, turn the socket either to the left or right to dislodge the bulb and pull it through the rubberized port.
  • Unfasten the housing. Remove any bolts or screws holding the tail light housing in place.
  • Remove the assembly. Use a gentle tug to pull the assembly from position. You may need to use a flathead screwdriver to gently pry the housing from place if it is stuck.