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Pontiac Bonneville Tail Lights

Over the course of automotive history, one of the most well-known full-sized sedans was the Bonneville. The Bonneville had a high sense of class, and its tail lights were some of the most iconic on the road. For Bonneville fans, the decision to end the line of vehicles in 2005 was controversial, but fortunately, Pontiac soon replaced this automobile with the Pontiac G6 and Pontiac G8 series of cars.

Is the Bonneville line of vehicles still being produced?

Production of the Bonneville full-sized car was ceased by the manufacturer in 2005, and Pontiac itself no longer produces vehicles. That being said, it’s still possible to find replacement OEM and aftermarket brake and tail lights for this vehicle. This is beneficial because there are still many fans of this model of car, and finding replacement part options is still viable.

Typically, when seeking out a replacement part for your tail assembly, you’ll have to know the model year of your Bonneville so that you can get a good match. As a general rule, while these assemblies aren’t currently produced, there’s more than enough still on the market for a replacement, even if you have a 1958 Bonneville.

Are the Pontiac G6 and G8 the most recent Bonneville?

While production of the Bonneville ceased in 2005, for those looking for a similar replacement experience, the G6 and G8 fill a similar niche. Usually, there are also a wide variety of tail light options out there for both of these models, and you’ll find that each automobile has a similar tail light aesthetic.

Can you find older tail lights for the Bonneville?

One of the best features of the Bonneville, Pontiac G6, and G8 series is the unique tail light assemblies. If you’re looking to replace the entire tail light assembly or just part of it, you can typically find them fairly easily. The Bonneville ran from 1958, but it’s relatively easy to find even vintage variations of the red tail light assemblies.

Are there non-OEM versions of Bonneville tail lights?

If you’re looking for a unique experience, there are aftermarket variations out there for your Bonneville. These provide a custom experience and can add a bit of identity to your Bonneville model. In fact, there are even different color variations and shaping options for the rear of your classic automobile.

Why do the Pontiac G6 tail lights stay on?

Some people wonder if this means that they will have to replace their entire tail light assembly. Unfortunately, this is a computer issue that can happen after a few years. When this issue occurs, the lights will stay on when you’re not braking and turn off when braking. There are ways to fix this yourself without a full replacement.