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Taillights for Lexus LS 430

The Lexus LS 430 luxury car was a fourth-generation model that began being manufactured around 2000 and was replaced with fifth-generation models between the years of 2006 and 2007. Many of these full-size sedans continue to be on the road. If you're replacing parts in your Lexus, take a look at the available taillights for this vehicle and find out which ones will keep you seeing clearly.

What sizes are the rear parts for the LS 430?

The exact measurements of your Lexus's taillight will vary based on your specific trim. You can expect them to be light; the average weight of the replacements on these cars is approximately half of a pound. The dimensions will rarely be larger than 1 by 2 by 4 inches. You can also choose from a few options. These include the bulb types, colors, and special effects of the lights. The special effects can make the final product look larger or smaller than it really is, helping you customize your vehicle's appearance.

What types of bulbs can the Lexus use?

Depending on your trim, your Lexus LS 430 might use:

  • CCFL - Cold cathode fluorescent lighting gives a smooth appearance. These are ideal for night driving due to their appearance.
  • Halogen - These versions are found in the majority of cars from this era. They give off a significant amount of power and heat and will let others see you from afar.
  • LED - These lights are made to last a long time with roughly 70,000 hours of life. Each individual light in an LED is seen in the 'halo' of the output.
  • Xenon - These gas-powered versions are blue-white and extremely bright. They take a powerful blast to start and then consume little power to maintain.
Can you change lighting types on the Lexus LS 430?

While the bulb of halogen options may be the same physical size as an LED or xenon lightbulb, you may not be able to swap out the types at once. Each type requires different wiring and ballast fits. Before swapping out different types, verify compatibility so that you don't accidentally cause electrical issues. You'll want to verify the wiring as well as the fitment on these luxury cars.

What brands are available for the Lexus cars?

You can choose your rear lights from several brands. You can also choose from brands such as Philips, Wagner, and generic options. The key to proper selection is the size of the part since that is what the exterior item is shaped around. As a result, both original equipment and aftermarket options will perform the job equally well.