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Tail Lights for Lexus IS300

The Lexus IS300 is a compact executive car that entered the market in 1998. The IS300 was originally marketed as the Toyota Altezza before the introduction of the Lexus brand and introduced as an entry-level sport model. The tail lights on the Lexus IS300 function as necessary safe operating equipment and also contribute significantly to the luxury and sport styling of the vehicle.

What are Altezza taillights?

These kinds of tail lights originate from the predecessor of the Lexus IS300 and are used on several car models that seek to emulate this style. Altezza lights are also called known as euro, crystal, Lexus, and clear lights. These come stock on the Lexus IS300 models. Their primary feature is a transparent lens cover in either clear or smoke that allows the individual lighting elements in the tail light assembly to be seen.

What are halos?

Halos are elements for both tail lights and headlights that may be included in a complete assembly or purchased separately and added to an existing IS300 light assembly. Halos are rings of light that add style and increased visibility. They are also called coronas and angel eyes. The lighting implements on halos vary as do the color offerings, although many tail light halos are red due to safety regulations. Be sure to check your local safety regulations before choosing alternative colors. Halos may use plasma, LEDs, fluorescents, or fiber optics.

How do you choose Lexus IS300 replacement tail light bulbs?
  • You must first find what size you need. You can consult your IS300 owner's manual, or you can remove the bulb you wish to replace and visually inspect it. The size information should be printed on the metal part of the bulb.
  • Decide whether you want to change the type of bulb that is being used in your Lexus. There are several options available including halogens and LEDs.
  • If opting for halogens, decide what kind of halogens you prefer. There are halogens with and without coatings which affect the color of the light they create. The ultimate goal of many of these coatings is to change the light output of the halogen from warm and in the yellow spectrum to cool and closer to bright white.
  • If opting for LED bulbs, check to make sure that the bulbs do not require any electrical conversion kit to function properly with the existing Lexus electrical system.
Can the Lexus IS300 take custom tail lights?

The IS300 is a good candidate vehicle for custom taillight replacement. There are several options that are designed to fit this model with little to no modification to the body panels, bumper, and electrical system. Some custom tail lights may require some modifications.