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Jeep Grand Cherokee Taillights

Jeep Grand Cherokee taillights are available in a variety of different styles. Each model is slightly different and caters to different driver needs. Cleaning taillights on a regular basis helps them to stay maximally effective while driving.

What styles of Jeep taillights are available?

A wide array of taillight styles are available for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, including individualized, factory, fiber optic, projector, and black designs.

  • Individualized taillight designs for Jeep Cherokee allow for different bezel styles to be combined with a variety of lens styles. Some lenses are lighter in color while others are darker hues. Bezels range in materials, finishes, and thicknesses to create lots of different looks. The combinations are numerous and offer the Grand Cherokee’s owner a chance to add personal style to the vehicle.
  • Factory lights typically utilize a traditional red lens with a relatively lightly colored, minimalist bezel selection. Factory lights are available in lots of different sizes, shapes, and silhouettes to accommodate all different model years of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  • Fiber optic tail beams typically use an LED bulb to project light down a series of glass and plastic fibers to emit a particularly bright glow. The effect is a striped light that glows red like all other taillight designs.
  • Projector tail beams use technology to narrow beams of light so that they shine farther than they would normally. This can be particularly helpful in poor weather, in hazy conditions, or at night in order to maintain better visibility for other drivers. LED bulbs are common choices for brightly shining tail beams.
What sorts of bulbs can be used in Cherokee tail beams?

LED, halogen, and incandescent bulbs can all be selected for Jeep Grand Cherokee tail beam use. LED lights are small, energy savvy, and long-lasting. They are among the brightest of the bulbs and accommodate brightly shining models well. Halogen bulbs also burn brightly and utilize a component at the center to house the filament. Incandescent bulbs tend to burn slightly more yellow than either LEDs or H models and are traditionally the choice for tail beams.

How do you clean tail beams?

Tail beams can be cleaned by mixing a solution of warm water and soap together. Apply the mixture to the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s tail beams with a soft sponge and rub them until they are free of dirt, mud, and debris. Once they are clean, rinse them with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth, making sure to avoid scratching them.

If hard water spots are evident on the Grand Cherokee’s tail beams, mix a paste of three parts baking powder with one part vinegar and apply it directly to the lights. Wait until the paste dries and rinse it off. Any spots or marks should disappear with the paste.