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Ford Thunderbird Taillights

All vehicles, including your Ford Thunderbird, need working taillights in order to be considered road-safe. If you are looking to replace or upgrade the taillights on your sedan, the wide variety of options will help you find what you need and allow you to fully customize your Thunderbird.

What components make up a Thunderbird taillight assembly?

There are three main components that make up taillight assemblies for Fords and other vehicles. These parts include:

  • Housing: The housing is the component that holds the lens, the bulb, and the wiring together. It also fits into your Thunderbirds body. You can usually access the assembly through the trunk.
  • Lens: This component is the plastic outer shell that is attached to the housing assembly. The style of the lens can be different depending on the type of taillights you are looking for.
  • Bulb: There are several different types of lights that can be installed in your Fords taillights. They include incandescent, xenon, and LED lights.
What lens styles are there for Ford Thunderbird?

When looking for Ford replacement taillights, you may come across a number of taillights with different types of lenses. The different lens styles include:

  • Colored lenses: The majority of assemblies have outer lenses that are red or amber. The light behind them is white, so when the lights are turned on, the colored lenses provide the colored glow.
  • Smoked lenses: These lenses have been darkened to prevent you and others from seeing the parts of the lights built into the taillights.
  • Altezza style: Altezza style taillights have clear lenses that let you see the lighting system inside. The lights themselves are tinted the required colors needed to make your vehicle road-safe.
What types of taillight bulbs are there?

There are three types of lighting that can be applied in your Thunderbird and other Ford vehicles:

  • Incandescent: Incandescent bulbs are commonly used for brake lights as they can be burned at higher temperatures, which gives off a bright glow. They use a halogen cycle to burn and re-deposit tungsten on the filament, extending the lifespan of the taillights.
  • Xenon: Xenon bulbs are often used in taillights, headlights, and other vehicle lights due to the intense glow they create. They take about 30 seconds to reach full intensity, making it safer for drivers who regularly travel at night. These systems use an electric arc to ignite the xenon gas inside, producing a glow that can be seen easily by other drivers.
  • LEDs: These clusters can be used in LED taillights to create a bright blue, yellow, or white glow. LEDs are energy efficient and do not use much of your sedans battery or alternator to turn on. If you would like to outfit your Thunderbird with LEDs, you will need to make sure that your sedan is wired for them.