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Ford F-150 Tail Lights

The tail lights of a Ford F-150 ensure that it provides enough light to allow people to see you from behind when driving at night. The different replacement taillights that you can install on your truck will vary depending on multiple variables. Make sure you understand these differences before adding any to your Ford F-150 vehicle.

What types of Ford F-150 lights are available?

Tail lights on a Ford F-150 will vary depending on a variety of different design concepts. For example, you can find normal replacement taillights that mirror your headlights. These are typically square shaped and have multiple bulbs to provide both low-beam and high-beam settings.

However, you can also get curved and side-marker tail lights that match the design of your truck. These taillights typically wrap around the back of your vehicle to provide a full range of light. That's why it is important to pay attention to whether your tail lights for the Ford F150 are for the left or right side. The design will be slightly different depending on this placement.

Other types of tail lights you can get for a Ford F-150 include fiber optic tail lights, LED types, black tail lights, third brake lights, light bars, and tail light bezels. The differences between these lights include the shape of the design and the bulb types they use.

What is the difference between bulb types?

LED tail lights are typically found on Ford vehicles produced after 2000. Most current F-150 models have LED lighting units factory-installed. They have a very cool blue light that is efficient and quite bright. They contrast to halogen tail lights, which are the type found on Ford trucks produced before 2000. Halogen bulbs are less efficient but often last longer than other types.

Xenon lighting units are rarely used in an F-150. Typically, you have to get them customized for your vehicle. Tail lights of this type have a very high intensity.

How can you replace tail lights on a Ford F-150?

The assembly of these pickup tail lights is usually fairly simple. Start by gathering a socket wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, and replacement lights. Disconnect your battery temporarily to protect yourself. Now, go to your passenger side and carefully pry open the cover of your F-150 tail lights.

After you remove this cover, use the Phillips screwdriver to remove any screws holding the light down. On this vehicle, you should have no more than four or five screws to manage. You can now replace the light with a new one. Check the illumination by reconnecting your battery and turning on your system.

If you need to remove the entire light unit, the socket wrench is necessary. Make sure to remove the bolts in a top-to-bottom manner. Start at the left, loosen the bolts slightly, move to the right, and continue in a clockwise motion until you have evenly removed them all.