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Ford Expedition Tail Lights

A Ford Expedition is an SUV to be proud of, with its class-leading towing capacity, room for cargo, and reputation for safety. When the rear of your SUV is damaged or the tail lights go out, keep your Ford Expedition sharp and safe with a new tail light or assembly. This selection of assemblies, tail lights, and related accessories will help keep your Ford Expedition safe so it can keep you safe.

What brands of tail lights are available?

Several top brands like Anzo, Dorman, Ford, TYC, and more offer everything you need to have fully functioning tail lights on your Ford Expedition. Whether you need a new left, right, or top bulb at the back of your vehicle, there's something for your particular Ford Expedition.

How do you change the tail light on a Ford Expedition?
  • Using a Phillips screwdriver, find the screws holding the light in place and remove them. In most Ford SUVs, opening a rear door will give access to the tail lights.
  • Carefully remove the light to be replaced. One side will be held by plastic pegs, so move gently to avoid damaging them. Also, be mindful of the wiring so as not to cause damage to it.
  • Get a grip on the burned out bulb, twisting it free. If it's necessary to replace the entire lens, take out both bulbs. Pulling them from the base.
  • Place the replacement bulb in the base and secure it with a quarter turn.
  • Once the bulb is secure, reattach the lens to the SUV with all wires carefully tucked in. Be certain to secure the side with the plastic pegs first. Then return the screws, make sure everything looks as it did before you started.
  • Check your tail lights, reverse lights, brake lights, and signals to make sure everything is functioning as it should.
Should you use LED, halogen, or xenon tail lights?

All three types work well and have their advantages, such as night driving or energy efficiency. Most folks will usually determine what bulb is currently being used and simply replace it. Each type has its own harness and wiring system, so if you want to change your bulb type you will have to change out these systems using a conversion kit.

  • Halogen bulbs are the oldest type used and the most common. Halogen bulbs are incandescent and use a small amount of halogen gas added inside.
  • Used since 1991, xenon bulbs are basically intense discharge lamps that give off a strong discharge of light very quickly, which is ideal for use in cars and SUVs.
  • LED bulbs are energy efficient, long lasting, and bright.