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Ford Edge Tail Lights

When you are driving at night, you rely on several sets of car lights to light your way and keep you safe when sharing the road with other drivers. For example, your tail lights signal to other drivers where you are, when you are slowing down, and when you are turning. In some cases, you may find the need to replace this part if it has become damaged in an accident or if you simply want to change the look of your car.

What types of tail lights are available for Ford vehicles?

There are three main types of tail lights that you can have for your Ford SUV. These are:

  • LEDs: LED stands for light emitting diode. When clustered together in a tail light, they create a brilliant white lighting that alerts the drivers behind you that you are there on both the driver side and passenger sides of the vehicle. They use little energy, meaning they can go for long periods before you need to replace them.
  • Halogen: These tail lights use incandescent bulbs to produce light. These are the most common tail lights on Ford vehicles.
  • Xenon: This type of tail light assembly creates a strong illumination. The bulbs are made of fused quartz, which allow the tail lights and even headlights to illuminate almost instantly and keep you safe and your Ford focused on the road at night.
What do the different tail lights do?

The tail lights themselves have a variety of safety functions associated with them, including:

  • Rear position lamps: These red tail lights stay on all the time when you're driving at night. They let other drivers know that a vehicle is on the road.
  • Brake lights: These are often in the same position as the rear lamps. However, they shine brighter when you hit the brakes, warning other drivers to check their speed.
  • Turn lights: These yellow lights flash when you're preparing to make a turn. They let other drivers know that the vehicle may be slowing down to make the turn. When you hit the hazard button in an emergency, these tail lights will both flash in unison, warning others that your SUV is having trouble.
What should you consider when replacing the tail lights?

If you are looking to replace your SUV's taillights, you may want to consider:

  • Illumination needs: If your Ford escorts you regularly in dark areas with no street lighting, you may want tail lights that are brighter than if you stay in well-lit cities.
  • Style: Tail lights for SUVs generally come in the standard style or the European style. The standard style has plain bulbs with a red covering to change the color. Euro-style truck accessories have brake lights that are actually red, providing a cleaner look.
  • Bulb replacement: At some point, you will need to replace the bulbs. You may want to switch to replacement parts that make changing or repairing the bulbs a quick and easy task.