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Dodge Grand Caravan Taillights

Safeguard your cargo and defend the rules of the road with brake indicators for your Dodge Grand Caravan that fulfill their duties correctly. It isn’t hard to find the right taillights for your Dodge minivan given the abundance of options available for every year and model. You can find the suitable parts to sync up with the utilitarian vibe and stylish form of your Grand Caravan.

What types of taillights are available?

Though replacement taillights for the Dodge Grand Caravan come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate differences between models, all of them will contain either incandescent bulbs or light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Incandescent bulbs are the conventional option and consist of a glass housing and a metallic filament. When the filament is electrified, it ignites into a luminescence that will last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours before burning out. Futuristic LEDs skip the filament and are instead constructed from various semiconductor materials. LEDs are incredibly bright and energy efficient and take up very little space. They run cool even after being left on for hours and are rated to last an amazing 50,000 hours, which is the same as more than five and a half years of continuous use.

How do you replace the Caravan's taillight assemblies?

When it’s time to replace the taillight assemblies in your Dodge Grand Caravan, arm yourself with a flat head screwdriver. Instructions may vary slightly based on the year of manufacture.

  • Turn off the engine, and disconnect the negative battery terminal. Open the tailgate and pick a side to start with.
  • Locate the two plastic pins on the side of the taillight assembly. Pry them out with a flat head screwdriver and then remove the pin sockets as well.
  • Pull the assembly away from the vehicle and disconnect the electrical harness. Discard the assembly.
  • Connect the electrical harness to the new assembly and insert the assembly into the cavity. Insert the pin socket and then the plastic pins to secure it in place.
  • Repeat these steps for the opposite side, reconnect the battery and start the engine to make sure the assemblies were installed correctly.
How do you install a third brake-light assembly?

Also called the center high-mount stop light, this vital component is required by law and helps operators of tall vehicles notice your decrease in velocity even when your taillights are obscured. Follow these simple instructions to replace the third brake light in your Grand Caravan and get started with something new:

  • Turn off the engine, and disconnect the negative battery terminal. Locate the third brake light at the top of the rear window.
  • Use a hex driver to remove the bolts on either side of the third brake-light assembly. Pull the assembly out of its socket, and disconnect the electrical harness.
  • Discard the old assembly and connect the electrical harness to the new center-high mount stop light.
  • Insert the new assembly into the socket and use a hex driver to insert the bolts. Reconnect the negative battery terminal, and step on the brakes to test your new center high-mount stop light.