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Chevrolet Lumina Tail Lights

The tail lights in your Chevrolet Lumina model ward away danger and serve as a courtesy to other drivers on the road by clearly displaying your intent to slow or stop your vehicle. There are many types of tail lights for your vehicle, providing the opportunity for a different look while also fulfilling practical concerns. Learn about the options so that you can choose the tail lights that are perfect for your Chevrolet.

What types of tail lights are there for the Lumina?

Traditional incandescent bulbs are considered the gold standard when it comes to tail lights while light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are commonly used and have many unique advantages. The differences are described below:

  • Incandescent bulbs consist of a metallic filament inside of a glass housing. When the filament is electrified, it bursts into brilliant splendor. These types of bulbs are rated to last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours.
  • LEDs are small and do not contain any glass. Instead, they are composed of various semiconductor materials that create a seemingly impossible bright light when electrified. LEDs don’t get hot even after hours of use and are rated to shine out for at least 50,000 hours, which is the equivalent of more than five years of continuous use.
How do you install new tail lights in a Lumina?

Thanks to the intuitive design of the tail lights in the Chevrolet Lumina, replacing the tail light assemblies in your vehicle is easy. It takes about 30 minutes to replace both assemblies, and by following these straightforward instructions, you can start enjoying the benefits of fresh tail lights in no time:

  1. Turn off the engine and open the trunk. Pick a side to start with.
  2. Know that instead of bolts, the Lumina makes use of simple twist-off plastic caps to release the tail light assemblies. Remove the exposed cap first, then open the panel in the trunk lining to remove the last two caps.
  3. Pull the old assembly free from the vehicle and disconnect the electrical harness. Discard the old assembly and position its replacement.
  4. Connect the electrical harness to the new assembly and push it into the cavity. Attach the two inner caps, shut the trunk lining panel, and attach the third cap to complete installation.
  5. Repeat these steps for the opposite side.
How do you replace the third brake light?

Also called the center high mount stop light, the third brake light is required on all cars on the road in North America. This critical component displays your intent to slow down or stop to the drivers of vehicles like semi trucks that may be unable to see your tail lights. Replacing this vital part is easy and takes about 15 minutes, and the process is described below:

  • Turn off the engine and open the trunk. Locate the third brake light housing at the rear of the trunk roof.
  • Reach in and twist the socket counterclockwise to remove the socket from the housing.
  • Pull out the old bulb and discard it. Insert the new bulb into the socket.
  • Insert the socket back into the housing and turn it clockwise to lock it into place.