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Choosing Chevy Blazer Tail Lights

Tail lights are an important part of any car's lighting system, providing visibility of the vehicle's rear edge to other drivers. Without these lights, driving at night would be dangerous and weather conditions would pose an increased risk. There are a wide variety of direct bolt-on replacement tail lights to choose from for your Chevy Blazer S10. They come in pairs, one for the driver's side and another for the passenger's side.

What does the Chevy Blazer tail light assembly come with?

The rear lighting assembly of your Chevy comes with the lens, bulb and three lamp units. These are the turn signal, the reverse lights, and the park/brake lights. Each of them performs different functions.

  • Turn signal - These lights feature a yellow color due to regulatory standards. They are meant to give an indication to back drivers when you want to turn either left or right. They can also be used in times of emergency, such as when you need help from other drivers in the middle of the road at night.
  • Reverse signal - These lights inform other drivers at the rear when you want to move in the reverse direction. The light should go on when you shift to the reverse mode on your vehicle. This light produces the highest illumination in the tail light assembly. It is usually white in color.
  • Brake or park lights - Park lights are meant to signal to other drivers the presence of a vehicle in low visibility conditions such as when it's foggy, dusty or dark. The lights can also work as brake lights, giving an indication when you want to stop instantly.

What are Euro tail lights?

Chevrolet Blazer tail lights will mostly be found in the Euro style. These lights are also referred to as clear, crystal or Altezza tail lights. They typically have circular cut-out lights, modeled after Euro headlights which feature complex shapes and round cut-outs. The tail lights come with clear, acrylic lens but can also include tints such as smoke, dark smoke, or red. They also include bezels which also determine the overall color of the light. The bezel can come in the colors chrome, black, gun-metal, or carbon fiber.

How do I install the tail light on my S-10 Blazer?

These aftermarket tail lights are manufactured to meet and exceed OEM specifications and are therefore a factory direct replacement with guaranteed fitment. The installation procedure is quite simple and fast requiring only a few hand tools:

  • Find a path to the old tail light assembly
  • Remove the bolts or fasteners
  • Unplug the wiring harness and remove the screws
  • Remove the lights and replace with the new set of tail lights
  • Ensure you screw the bolts and fasteners back on securely and the lights should be ready to operate

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