What to Know When Purchasing a Tacoma Subwoofer

When you hear a Tacoma rolling down the street playing music with a good thump, that is the result of a good subwoofer working inside. If you want to add more depth and quality to your vehicle's audio system, consider getting a subwoofer. You'll find various subwoofers on eBay that will work well in a Toyota Tacoma.

What are the various subwoofer types?
  • Component subwoofers: Component subwoofers are used to build different types of audio systems. The component subwoofers can be bought as speakers, but you must further purchase an amplifier and enclosure.
  • Loaded subwoofer enclosure: These Tacoma subwoofers are installed in an enclosure before purchasing them. The amplifier for power has to be purchased separately. For the most part, this is easier to install.
  • Amplified subwoofer enclosure: These are also known as powered subwoofers. They come with a built-in amplifier, can be installed straight away, and can be placed in smaller spaces because of their smaller enclosures.
What is the right power for Tacoma subwoofers?

To get the right sound, you need the correct amount of power. For this, you will look at the RMS power rating of the subwoofer. The higher the RMS value, the louder the subwoofer is going to play. Although this power index is important, amplifiers also play a role in pushing this power from the receiver to the speaker. The amplifier should ideally match the RMS power.

How do you match the amplifier to the subwoofer?

The key to great bass is matching the amp and Tacoma subwoofers so that they work together. Put simply, the impedance (in ohms) of the subwoofer is the value that the amplifier will put out. The amplifier has a different output value of power (measured in watts RMS) depending on the impedance from the subwoofers that it receives. The impedance of subwoofers measured in ohms has to match the amplifier's RMS specifications.

What is the difference between sealed and ported subwoofers?

Sealed subwoofers, which are usually smaller than the ported ones, are better designed to fit in small spaces. Ported subwoofers have a bigger boost in the output and extended response. When choosing between the two, it is really a matter of how much space you are going to use the woofers for. An area that is under 2,000 cubic feet can do well with a sealed subwoofer. This is generally good enough for a Tacoma.

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