Table Saws

New, Used & Certified Refurbished Table Saws

When it comes to power tools, table saws provide convenience when tackling DIY jobs or larger commercial building tasks. The table surface allows for more accurate cuts. Utilizing the miter gauge, you will find these power tools provide the same accuracy as your favorite circular saws without the hassles. With our huge inventory, eBay is a great place to find a new, used, or Certified Refurbished table saw.

When Table Saws are Used

Table saws are used to perform rip cuts or create identical cuts for several pieces of material. Most often used for cutting wood, you are able to switch out the blade on a table saw to perform cutting tasks on metal or masonry materials. With its extended platform, table saws are great for cutting larger pieces.

Why Should You Consider a Cordless Table Saw?

A cordless table-style saw eliminates worries about damaged cords. It gives you the freedom to use the saw in locations where electrical outlets are not available. You also don't have to worry about tripping over a cord when you use a cordless table saw.

How Do You Change a Table Saw Blade?

Whether you want to increase the sharpness of your saw blades or perform cuts on different types of materials, changing a table saw blade is necessary from time to time. You should always follow the manufacturer's instructions to change a saw blade, but these are the basic steps:

  • Disconnect Power: Unplug corded power saws from the electrical outlet. Ensure that the power switch on any machine is turned to the off position and secured.
  • Remove Positioning Plate: Find the positioning plate, which is often located on the top surface of the saw table. Loosen the front and back screw on the positioning plate so it can be removed. Set the positioning plate in a safe location out of your way.
  • Remove Old Saw Blade: Moving it to its highest position, place a small piece of wood against the old saw blades to keep the housing from rotating. Remove the washer and nut with a wrench in a counterclockwise motion. Remove the saw blade from the saw and set aside.
  • Install New Blade: With the new blade, face the teeth so they are pointing to the front of the saw table. Place the blade on the housing. Secure the new blade with the washer and nut with the use of a wrench. Make sure you are turning the wrench in a clockwise motion. Use the small piece of wood to secure the blade in place.
  • Install Positioning Plate: Place the positioning plate back into position. Use a screwdriver to secure the positioning plate by reinserting the screws and tightening the plate down securely.

Certified Refurbished Table Saws

eBay's Certified Refurbished table saws are guaranteed to arrive in like-new condition, including accessories, instruction manuals, and packaging. That means you enjoy the same performance as someone who bought new, often at considerable savings. Buyers get a 2-year warranty and free 30-day return/replacement policy that starts when you receive the table saw. Sellers are held to our highest standards of customer service and monitored to ensure they hit our metrics. If you're in the market for a table saw but want to save, start your search with Certified Refurbished tools.