Tyco Toys may be notably known as the Tyco train manufacturer. They also have made several other toys, including the Magna Doodle, Tickle Me Elmo, and The Little Mermaid doll, a replication of the Disney princess. In 1997, Tyco merged with Mattel, and some train sets and toys continued to be produced.

What kind of products did Tyco toys manufacture?

Tyco toys began as the Tyco train company and produced locomotive kits for enthusiasts to build. Later, they began making HO scale train sets for sale in locomotive hobby stores. Over the years, they slowly began adding other toys to their line, most notably Quints, Bitsy Bears, and Barbie accessories. However, they still continued to remain true to their roots of model train sets. Their different scale models include the following:

  • Slot Cars
  • Model Freight Car
  • Model Railroad Locomotive
  • Model Railroads and Trains
  • Model Railroad Buildings and Structures
  • Slot Cars (pre-1970)
  • Model Train Starter Sets and Packs
  • RC Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles Models and Kits
What is HO scale?

Model train sets can be known as HO or H0 scale. According to the National Model Railroad Association, if a train is classified as HO scale, it indicates that one foot of a full-size train is represented by 3.5 millimeters on the scale model. The conversion rate is 1:87. It is called HO because it is half of the O scale, the previous version.

Does Tyco still manufacture model slot cars and train sets?

Tyco is short for Tyler Company, a company that first started manufacturing train sets in the 1930s. In 1997, the company merged with Mattel. Mattel still manufactured the trains under the Tyco name for another 15 years, but the trains have since been integrated into the Mattel brand.

What are Quints toys?

Quints toys are a set of five tiny dolls, each just shy of 3 inches tall. Quints is short for quintuplets, as the toys are supposed to be a set of siblings. The dolls typically featured three baby girls and two baby boys in each set. The toys were made in a variety of hair colors and skin tones, although each set of five was matching. Everything the Quints has is made in a rainbow variety of colors: pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple, and each baby had its own color. They have a variety of tiny toy accessories, ranging from swings to strollers to high chairs to beds.

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