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What to Consider When Buying a Satellite Dish

You must have a satellite dish that links to your DirecTV receiver if you wish to get the high-definition TV signals you deserve. There are many things to explore when finding a TV dish to help you get the satellite signals you are looking for.

What Size Should I Consider?

Start your search by looking at the size of the satellite dish. DirecTV makes dishes from 18 to 36 inches in diameter. You must get your dish outdoors in an open space to make it easier for you to get TV signals.

Also, the curved design of the dish prevents the satellite unit from being harmed by snow, ice, or rain. The dish will not collect precipitation in any form, so you should not be too concerned about any covers.

Review Your Installation Plans

You must look at what you are doing when installing your DirecTV dish:

  • Keep your satellite dish pointed at the southern sky. The dish must have an open view of the sky with no trees, buildings, or other items in an area.
  • See if your homeowners' association, landlord, or other entity that monitors your property is fine with your dish. You might have limits as to where you can place your dish.
  • Avoid using covers or other additional features on the body of your dish. Such covers and other items are not going to protect your dish. They would do more to keep you from getting satellite signals.

What About the Connection?

The Direct TV dish must also link up to a power outlet or other setup in your property. A strong wiring system must link to an outlet that links to coaxial cable links around your home. You would then screw in a wire into your set-top box to get the signals received by the dish. The signals you receive are divided up by channels. Your account will determine which signals you can get access to as well as which channels are available in HD forms.

Some newer dishes produce Wi-Fi signals that link to your set-top receivers. You can attain TV reception through those Wi-Fi signals. This works when the dish is closer to your satellite receivers.

How Do I Review the Mounting Setup?

Check on the mounting system used for your DirecTV dish. The setup should be easy to install and prepare. The key is to have the dish on a secure space whether it is on the roof of your house, on the side of your house, or on a porch or other space. Your satellite dish should come with a mounting kit that will help you get the dish secured and running so you can get HD signals.

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