When You Need to Replace Your TV Power Supply Board

After extended use, you may notice that your TV has increasing difficulty in turning on. Even after troubleshooting the TV a few times, it may only turn on after you have pushed the on button a few times. This may be due to a worn or damaged TV power supply board that needs to be replaced; many affordable options are available on eBay.

Do you need a specific TV power supply board?

While some savvy electricians may say that you can usually use any TV power supply board for a specific TV with a bit of tinkering, it's usually a good idea to find out the specific kind of power board that you need. Specific brands often have their own version of power board. To make it easier on yourself, stick with the same brand.

Why do you need a certain TV activation supply board?

Certain TVs have an ongoing voltage passing through their machinery. This is so it can turn on when the command is given via the remote control. The power supply board offers a specific amount of voltage that a specific television requires. If the power supply doesn't give the correct amount of voltage, then the television won't be able to turn on. Because of this, it's important to know what kind of voltage your television requires if you're thinking about getting a generic activation board for your television.

What brands offer TV power supply boards?

When searching for new and used TV power supply boards on eBay, you_x001A_ll find these brands offering the product:

  • Samsung: Made specifically for Samsung's technology, their TV power boards fit snugly right inside.
  • LG: Their TVs also require the specific power supply that their company makes.
  • Sony: Luckily, eBay carries numerous affordable TV power supply boards specifically for Sony TVs.
When should you replace your TV power supply board?

You may not be sure if your television supply board is going bad or if another issue is keeping your television from functioning correctly. Typically, you can tell if the power board needs to be replaced if the TV is having a problem turning on. It may take a few attempts in pressing the remote control for the television to finally turn on. If you notice that the light on your television turns green or is lit to indicate that it is powering up, but then you notice the light goes off shortly after, then you may have a problem with the supply. eBay can help.

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