Original TV Props from Your Favorite Shows

Own a piece of television history by purchasing TV props from your favorite show. A memento from a beloved television show is sure to prompt fond memories. It may even turn into a collectible, making it a good investment. You can find plenty of vintage TV memorabilia and original props from beloved shows on eBay.

What TV props are for sale?

Owning a piece of TV history can be of great value. TV show props for sale include a Reaper Ring from the Sons of Anarchy and John Locke's passport from Lost. There are also Game of Thrones set props for sale. You may be able to get something worn by one of the actors or an item that was used on the set.

How do you start collecting TV props?

Collecting TV props is not an inexpensive hobby, but it doesn't have to be a pastime that breaks the bank. Start looking for props as soon as a show wraps. The market often floods with memorabilia right after a show's finale episode. For instance, in May 2019, there were plenty of Game of Thrones screen used props for sale. You can still find them on the market. Friends props are also floating around, as are props from Star Trek and Mad Men. You'll come across Grimm props on eBay and iCarly props for sale. When entering the world of TV prop collecting, decide whether you want to focus on a particular category. For instance, some people choose to just collect the "hero" prop, which would be something like the main weapon used by a well-known Marvel character or a gun wielded by Clint Eastwood in one of his movies.

Considerations when buying TV props

When it's time to choose TV props for sale, your first consideration should be why you want it. Are you interested in a prop because it's from a movie or television show that you love, or do you want a unique piece to display? Also, will you be just as happy with a replica or are you someone who requires the real deal? While there are authentic Game of Thrones set props for sale, you may be just as happy with a copy of it. This will save you money and give you a physical reminder of your favorite show. When buying TV props, consider:

  • Your budget
  • Whether the piece could be a future investment
  • How easy it is to display and maintain