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TV Guide Magazine Back Issues

TV Guide has been popular since 1948. It is printed bi-weekly, providing not only television program listings but also news and interviews. Back-dated issues will allow you to learn more about what was going on during a specific two-week period.

What is in TV Guide magazine?

TV Guide is packed with a lot of information. Every year, there are 26 issues printed. While some people choose to get a subscription, other people buy it on an as-needed basis. Either way, every issue includes the following details:

  • TV channel listings: Find out what channels the different TV stations are on.
  • Listing of shows: Shows on virtually every channel are listed in terms of the time and the day that they air.
  • Star gossip: Learn about a specific star and the gossip happening at the time of the issue.
  • News and interviews: Find out what's going on in the world of TV for a specific day of the year.
  • Crossword puzzle: The TV Guide word puzzle is generally focused around entertainment topics.

Why are back issues popular?

TV Guide magazine has been a way to learn about what's on television and what's hot in the media for many years. The reasons to collect old issues of TV Guide vary from person to person.

  • Commemoration: Some people choose to get TV Guide for the week in which their child was born.
  • Focus on a specific show: If a favorite TV show is highlighted on the cover, it makes a great keepsake.
  • Details on a star: If someone loves a particular TV celebrity, it might be important to grab a copy of the magazine.
  • Vintage qualities: Some people simply enjoy collecting old magazines for nostalgic reasons.

What should one consider when buying back issues?

When buying TV Guide, it's important to research your purchase. For starters, you should carefully investigate certain details about the magazine(s). You can choose to buy a single magazine or an entire series, which could be a collection of one date with all covers, a full year of old magazines, or something else.

  • Date: Look at the date of the TV Guide you're buying.
  • Contents: Find out what entertainment is featured on the cover as well as within the edition.
  • New or used: Look at the listing to know if you're getting a good condition TV Guide.
  • Quantity: Read to see how many of the back issues you're getting.
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