TASER Personal Security Stun Guns Take Self-Defense to a New Level

Whether you routinely walk through city streets alone or just want an effective, non-lethal method of defending yourself, a stun gun or TASER can be an excellent option. There are many different types of stun guns from TASER for sale, so it is important to understand how they work and common features. Here are answers to some common questions people ask when shopping for a TASER gun for sale on eBay.

Is there a difference between a TASER and stun gun?

Although TASER is a brand name, most people use the term to refer to a type of self-defense device that fires a charged cartridge at your attacker. These can travel up to 15 feet, so you don’t have to let someone get close enough for direct contact. If they do get that close, however, most TASERs have a manual mode that can be used as a backup. You can find a TASER on eBay that will deliver a non-lethal shock through up to 2 inches of clothing.

A stun gun is a handheld device that is used for direct contact with an attacker. These deliver a shock that will disable someone for up to 30 seconds, giving you enough time to get away or shout for help. These come in different shapes and sizes, with many that look like flashlights.

Understand voltage ratings before you decide

It is important to understand voltage output when you are shopping for a new or used TASER for sale. Most TASER guns on eBay will deliver about 50,000 volts of electric shock. Stun guns can deliver millions of volts of electricity. This can impact your decision, so check the voltage rating on your stun gun before you make a purchase.

What about replacement batteries?

Many stun and TASER guns for sale have rechargeable batteries. These can be used for multiple firings but should be replaced when they no longer hold a charge. You will find batteries for the C2, Pulse, and the X26 TASER for sale on eBay.

Easy to use and effective

Both stun guns and TASERs are easy to use. The idea of firing the cartridge 15 feet may seem daunting, but laser sights provide a point and shoot experience. Stun guns remove that concern altogether by being a direct-contact device.

Both provide an effective yet less-than-lethal shock to a potential attacker. With the wide availability of cheap TASERs, there is no reason you should go out unprotected again.

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