Radio-controlled drones are used by hobbyists and those in many other industries. Syma manufactures drones of different sizes and features. Here are some questions that may come up when making a selection.

What is a quadcopter?

A quadcopter is a type of remote-controlled flying drone. They have a series of four arms each with their own propeller. These drones will have a flight computer built in to control the speed of the propellers. Most quadcopters will have a rechargeable battery, and the battery size will determine how long you can fly between charges.

What types of Syma quadcopters are there?
  • Nano quadcopter: This drone is charged by USB and can fly for approximately 4 minutes in-between charges. The Nano is designed as an indoor quadcopter.
  • FPV quadcopter: This drone allows you to use a smartphone as a controller and utilizes a camera to view where the quadcopter is going. It can typically be used indoors or outdoors with little to no wind.
  • Non-FPV camera quadcopter: This model has a camera mounted underneath the drone so that you can capture video and pictures from the air and save them onto a memory card mounted in the camera.
How do you choose a Syma quadcopter?
  • Select a location: Indoor quadcopters from Syma will be made from materials not suitable for outdoor use.
  • Choose a size: Larger models will have larger batteries that translate to longer flight times.
  • Choose a power method: Some quadcopters will have swappable batteries that can increase the flight time for the drone.
  • Select controls: Quadcopters with built-in cameras will have additional controls. Some models may also let you use your smartphone to control the drone as well.
What features should you consider with a Syma quadcopter?

Understanding the features available can be helpful in making a selection. Here are some features to consider.

  • FPV capability: The FPV or first-person view feature allows you to see a real-time feed from the Syma camera. For FPV, some Syma drones will have an LCD screen built into the controller while others will require you to use a smartphone as an additional screen. This FPV feature allows you to control the drone without line of sight.
  • Controller: Most will have a four-channel controller. Longer communication range in the controller is useful in outdoor models.
  • Flight control system: Some FCS will connect additional sensors that can include GPS, gyro compass, and other features that aid in controlling the Syma quadcopter. Some Syma FC systems allow the drone to hover in place to aid in taking photos and video.
  • Safety features: Some common safety features to consider on a Syma quadcopter include propeller guards. These guards act as bumpers to protect the blades from damage.
  • LED lighting: This feature is common on outdoor drones and allows you to see the drone during nighttime flight.
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