Adding Swedish Stamps to Your Stamp Collection

If you're an avid stamp collector, you'll probably be interested in adding stamps from many countries to your stamp collection. Sverige stamps, as Swedish stamps are called, can help round out your European stamps. You can find a nice variety of new and preowned Sweden stamps on eBay.

Are there rare Sverige stamps available on eBay?

To find rare Swedish stamps, look for stamps that have been discontinued. You can also find stamps that have a small error. As the error was corrected later on, those stamps are limited and rare. The older a stamp is, the rarer it is as well. The age of a stamp is a good indicator of how rare it is. A set of 1944 stamps can go for far more than those issued in 2000, for example. First Cover stamps and First Day of Issue stamps can be rare as well, depending on what the stamp's theme is.

Which themes are available for Swedish stamps?

Usually, stamps are put out in booklets or themes. You can find stamps with themes such as birds, royalty, historical events, and more. To delve further into the themes available on Swedish stamps, browse under eBay's booklet category. There you'll find a variety of additional themes that could fit well into your stamp collection.

Stamp categories available on eBay

eBay makes your search easier by categorizing the Sweden stamps into useful categories. Some of these categories are:

  • Mint/Never Hinged: This is an unused stamp that has its original gum on the back. There is no damage at all to the stamp.
  • Used: Used stamps may still be on an envelope. They may also have been removed from the envelope but will have the original gum missing.
  • Mint Hinged: These stamps have not been used, but they do have a hinge on the back so that they can be placed in stamp albums.
  • Original Gum: These stamps have the original gum on the back.
  • Booklet: You can shop for a book of themed Sverige stamps, such as a booklet showcasing Swedish birds or Swedish architecture.
Can you find First Day of Issue Swedish stamps on eBay?

You can find these types of stamps within the "type" category on eBay. Here you'll find further categories that offer more specifics. You can find Machine Cancel stamps, Handstamps, and First Day of Issue stamps.

First Day of Issue stamps will have the phrase "First Day of Issue" stamped on the envelope or postcard to show that it was, in fact, the first day of issue for those stamps. When buying First Day of Issue stamps, make sure this phrase is clearly legible.