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Chevrolet S10 Sway Bars

Whether you tackle extreme off-road challenges, haul the heaviest of loads, or demand high performance on the tarmac from your Chevrolet S10, sway bars can help you corner harder, experience less body roll, and hold your line. You’ll find many replacement and upgrade options to tweak your S10 truck’s suspension.

How do Chevrolet S10 sway bars work?

As you enter a corner, forces are exerted on the outer side of your vehicle. The outer tires are pushed down, and the inner tires are lifted. This action is called body roll. A sway bar, also known as anti-sway, anti-roll, or stabilizer, links wheels on opposing sides in order to distribute these torsional forces more evenly across the suspension, thus reducing body roll.

Are sway bars a stock part for the S10?

Many S10 trucks didn’t come standard with a front stabilizer bar, and most didn’t come with a rear due to the nature of pickups. However, Chevrolet did have S10 trims and packages that included these suspension parts, including the rear, when the intent was for the vehicle to behave more like a high-performance car than a truck.

Are there aftermarket stabilizer kits for the Chevrolet S10?

There are GM OEM sway bars available as well as a wide range of sway bar kits from brands like ACDelco, Moog, and Roadmaster. You can also purchase components separately as needed, but a kit provides everything you need to upgrade one end of your vehicle. These components include:

  • A stabilizer bar
  • Two end links
  • Two mounting brackets
How do solid and tubular bars differ?

Tubular versus solid is a matter of weight. If two solutions are rated for the same torsional stiffness, then they’re functionally the same, but one product achieves it with less weight, which is a consideration when racing. Note that tubular stabilizer bars tend to be taller and thus require more clearance than their solid counterparts.

Are pick-up sway bars adjustable?

Suspension parts for most Chevrolet vehicles can either be fixed or adjustable. Fixed anti-sway bars will provide handling characteristics that are permanent until the bar is removed. The adjustable bars can be tweaked for more or less stiffness within a supported range while they remain installed on the truck. This may be particularly useful for a rear sway bar since you generally wouldn’t want that rigidness in the rear, except when racing.

How do you size sway bars for a Chevrolet S10?

You can measure the wheelbase of your Chevrolet and then purchase a bar of a suitable length. You’ll also need to choose appropriate end links as well as a mounting solution for attaching it to your vehicle. Fortunately, most manufacturers ease this process by indicating model support, which lets you choose a product based on your particular vehicle so that all components will fit and work as expected. To do so, you’ll need to know your:

  • Model year
  • Engine type
  • Bed and/or cab type
  • Special model and trim designations