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Chevrolet HHR Sway Bars

Your Chevrolet HHR suspension is a complex system of shock absorbers, springs, sway bars, and more. These parts and how they’re calibrated determine the handling characteristics of your Chevrolet, including how it corners. Your choice of sway bars for Chevrolet HHR can reduce body roll, and shape your handling and suspension in numerous ways.

Does the Chevrolet HHR include sway bars stock?

Yes. It was standard for Chevrolet to include both front and rear anti-roll bars on these vehicles. These bars, also called stabilizers, determine body stiffness. They have a relatively simple design that connects one wheel to the other, which reduces body roll and otherwise affects the suspension, including limiting articulation.

What’s the difference between OEM and aftermarket sway bars?

OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, refers to Chevrolet or a brand licensed by Chevrolet. OEM parts are on vehicles stock, sold as options, and available as replacements. Some aftermarket stabilizer bars are OEM-style, which means they seek to mirror the original Chevrolet HHR specification. Most aftermarket sway bars, however, seek to alter the stock front or rear suspension characteristics. You can upgrade for:

  • Adjustability
  • Lighter weight
  • Greater articulation
  • More or less stiffness
Which parts are included with Chevrolet sway bars?

You can purchase stabilizer parts for your Chevrolet HHR individually or as a kit. Most aftermarket products for your Chevrolet vehicle will be sold as a kit and include:

  • A stabilizer bar
  • Two end links
  • Two mounting brackets
How do adjustable sway bars affect the Chevrolet HHR?

Stock and most aftermarket stabilizers for the HHR are fixed. Adjustable aftermarket options let you change how your Chevrolet vehicle corners without actually removing or replacing the part. This is convenient, for instance, if you want less stiffness for your SS on your daily commute but more when out on the track on weekends.

How do solid and tubular bars affect the HHR?

Tubular and solid sway bars don’t have a functional difference. If tubular and solid bars have the same torsional rigidness, then they’ll have the same effect on your car. The difference lies in weight. A tubular bar has the same effect on your vehicle with less weight but perhaps greater clearance is required.

Can the Chevrolet HHR front and rear differ?

Many HHR vehicles are rolled off the line with a stiffer front and more rear articulation, which is common with many passenger trucks and cars. It comes down to the suspension characteristics you want for your Chevrolet HHR. Perhaps you want balance, a looser front end for off-roading, or a stiffer back end for on-road.

How do you size sway bars for your Chevrolet HHR?

Chevrolet and most companies that specialize in aftermarket parts for cars sell them based on the specifics of a particular model or range. The make is Chevrolet and the model is HHR, but you may also need to know the:

  • Model year
  • Engine type
  • Suspension type
  • Trim designations