Suzuki Motorbikes: Dare to Challenge

From Hayabusa to Katana, Suzuki motorcycles have inspired enthusiasts around the world. If you want to be a proud owner of a new, pre-owned, or used Suzuki, eBay can help you find reasonably priced motorbikes.

Types of motorcycle models

Since 1990, Suzuki has produced a large variety of motorcycle models. To make it easier for you to understand, these bikes can be broadly classified into four different categories: street bikes, sports bikes, cruisers, and off-road motorbikes.

  • Street bikes: You can easily distinguish these street bikes by the three numbers after the name. These numbers identify the engine power. Bandit is the most well-known theme; therefore, a GSF 250 Bandit and a GSF 1250 can be recognized by their respective 250cc and 1250cc engines.
  • Sports bikes: The GSX series is the dominant sports bike model in this category. It is also easily identified by the three numbers. Among these, GSX1300 Hayabusa is often regarded as the fastest street-worthy motorcycle in the world.
  • Cruisers: The cruiser and touring bikes are two different variations of motorcycles. These motorbikes mostly use a characteristic V-style long handle and a chrome body, which makes them stand out among some of the other cruisers in the motorcycle industry.
  • Off-road: Moto GP, Motocross, off-road, and dual-sport are variations of this model. Based on the needs, dual-sport motorcycles are mostly manufactured for street and off-road use. In contrast, Motocross, off-road, and Moto GP variations are specifically targeted toward dirt trial and competitive sports.

What's the difference between Suzuki cruiser and Suzuki touring bikes?

Since the dominant “Boulevard” theme is found on both the cruiser and touring bikes, it is reasonable to distinguish between the two. A Suzuki cruiser is mostly known for its power and style. You can use it for weekend drives and everyday use. In fact, these cruisers can easily be customized to reflect the personality of the rider. In contrast, touring bikes are specifically made for long journeys, enabling the owner to add cargo space, adjust seats, and replace engine parts when necessary. They also offer a balance of road vibration, riding posture, and control ergonomics.

Top Suzuki motorcycle brands

Hayabusa, Katana, and Bandit are the three well-known models that have inspired generations of motorcyclists around the world. The GSX 1300 Hayabusa is on a regular production roll since 1999 when it attracted everyone's attention as the fastest production motorcycle in the world. Similarly, Katana is also considered an inspiration due to its unique styling. The faired-in aspects of the fuel tank and seat are still evident in newer models. In fact, the company has reintroduced the Katana concept in 2019 after increasing demand from consumers. Bandit is yet another renowned series that is known for its maneuverability, which is a reason it's used in race clubs and stunt schools around Europe.

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