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Suspension & Steering Parts for Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler was built for multi-purpose use. In addition to drives across paved highways, it is also designed for off-road travels. In turn, the Wrangler requires a stronger and more flexible steering and suspension system.

Why would steering and suspension need to be replaced?

In some instances, Jeep Wrangler owners simply want to upgrade the steering and suspension packages that originally came with their vehicles. They want a track bar, which handles rough country or spacers to install larger wheels with better traction. On the other hand, drivers may reach a bad patch of rough terrain and damage the control arms or suspension systems. When this happens, the Jeep is practically undrivable until those items are replaced.

What parts experience the most wear and tear?

When purchasing a Wrangler for off-road travel, drivers should be aware of the parts that may need replacement more frequently than their oil or interior lights.

  • Suspension Systems: this includes the shocks and struts, which maintain stability in the harshest terrain.
  • Control Arms: these connect the vehicle's front suspension to its frame.
  • Coil Springs: these support the vehicle's weight and allow it to remain stable by releasing stored energy.
  • Axles: these rotate the wheels while on the road.
  • Track Bars: these control the left to right offset of the Jeep's axles.
Are these parts easy to install?

This depends on the owner. There are Jeep owners who have learned to replace coil springs to avoid additional labor fees or time in the shop. However, new owners who have never replaced a control arm or spacers should work with a licensed mechanic to start. This allows them to see the process and the required tools.

What do owners look for if driving off-road?

Look for items that are exclusively designed for Wranglers and rough-road driving. These parts need to be flexible in all suspension and control elements so that they can handle the strain when going far off the road. Make sure to have good-quality shocks as these are essential elements for off-roading.

What are the signs these parts are broken?

Besides the loss of control over the vehicle, there are other signs these parts are going bad.

  • Axles: clicking or grinding noises when turning.
  • Suspension: wear on the Jeep's tires and a rougher ride even on paved roads.
  • Track Bars: an increase in vibrations. When these go, much of the vehicle's control goes as well.