Tips to Choosing the Right Surly Bike

Surly Bikes makes bikes that are built to work with the way you live. From mountain bikes to large-haul bikes, there's a Surly bike that will fit your lifestyle. The company manufactures so many unique types of bikes that it may be confusing what to choose from eBay. 

What size Surly bike should you choose? 

Fit is extremely important when it comes to your Surly bike. Many shops will tell you to come in and get sized, but if you're not able to, there is a basic chart that Surly puts out that can give you a general idea of which way to go.  

  • Small: A small bike accommodates 5-foot, 4-inch to 5-foot, 8-inch heights.
  • Medium: Medium bikes accommodate 5-foot, 7-inch to 6-foot heights.
  • Large: Large bikes accommodate 5-foot, 11-inch to 6-foot, 3-inch heights.
  • Extra-large: Extra-large bikes accommodate 6-foot, 2-inch to 6-foot, 6-inch bikes.
  • Extra-extra-large: Extra-extra-large sizes accommodate heights of 6-foot, 5-inches and taller. .

Benefits of the Surly Crosscheck 

The Crosscheck is ideal if you'll be using the bike to commute daily to work or if you'll be using the bike in the hills. It might also be appropriate for you to customize your bike to make it how you want it to look since you can change everything from the gears to the chain-ring clearance. 

When would you buy a used Surly? 

A used Surly bike can be an incredible deal price-wise. The bikes hold up for a long time due to their durable construction, making them very popular on the secondhand market. Many users customize their bikes with high-end parts, so you may end up paying less for a top-of-the-line bike. Check eBay seller listings to see if any changes have been made to the bike that will make it a deal for you. 

How much weight can the Long Haul Trucker take? 

The Long Haul Trucker is a very rugged bike built to handle a combined rider and to haul weight of about 300 pounds. If this combo isn't enough for you and what you'll be lugging around, you may prefer the Big Dummy or the Trailer, both of which are built to haul between 200 and 300 pounds of cargo. See the manufacturer’s site for details. 

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