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Having a Surface Grinder Is Essential for Smooth Metalworking Results

There are some jobs that require an automated process in order to deliver consistent and reliable results. Surface grinding can be done by hand grinding, but it is a tedious process and can deliver uneven results. Surface grinder machines can provide the type of finished products that will enhance your business.

What is a surface grinder?

A surface grinder machine is used for grinding down a surface with an abrasive wheel to produce a smooth finish. It utilizes an abrasive process to grind away tiny chips from a rough surface in order to make it smooth or flat. A grinder has an abrasive wheel, a chuck to hold the work, and a reciprocating table. The chuck holds the material in place with either a magnetic chuck for metallic pieces or with a vacuum or mechanical chuck. If there is only a magnetic chuck on the machine, a machine vise can be used with the grinder.

What types of grinding machines are there?

Depending on the grinding task at hand and the precision needed, there are different types of available grinders and tables on eBay:

  • Horizontal-spindle grinders - These machines are rated for work requiring a high precision and are typically used for tapered, angled, and recessed surfaces and for slots.
  • Vertical-spindle grinders - Vertical-spindle grinders are commonly used for fast grinding removal of materials. These machines work best for waters, rotors, gears, inner rings and plates, stators, stops, and spacers.
  • Single-disc and double-disc grinders - Disc grinders can be either vertical or horizontal spindle grinders and can grind both sides of an object at the same time.
How do you use a surface grinder?

To use the grinder, select the desired grinding wheel for the specified work. Then, choose the grit size. Examine the wheel for any damage or cracks. If everything looks well, dress the grinding wheel using a single point diamond dressing tool that is placed on the chuck. Place the diamond dresser under the wheel and bring it down until it just touches the dresser. Move the dresser across the wheel with the crossfeed.

Make sure you are wearing safety goggles when setting the grinder and that the supporting table is stable. Consult the manual for more instructions.

Why is a surface grinder machine important?

Grinding surfaces is a vital part of the processes in any metalworking shop. Having an automated abrasive wheel machine helps with consistency, time, and money savings. Pieces can be output in uniform shapes and sizes, and workers can be free to work on other projects while the surface grinder wheel is running.

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