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Supreme Skateboarding & Longboarding Stickers & Decals

Supreme Sticker Decals for Skateboarding and Longboarding

If you are in the market for decals to decorate your longboard or skateboard, consider checking out the Supreme options listed on eBay. You can choose from several basic stickers with Supreme embossed in white letters. Other Supreme skateboarding and longboarding stickers and decals come in a wide palette of colors as well as various sizes and shapes.

Varieties of Supreme stickers
  • Supreme has crafted decals to put on your board that may be horizontal or vertical rectangles, circular, or shaped like iconic entertainers or cartoon characters. See the manufacturer site for details on sizes.
  • Supreme stickers are made using materials that are both oil-proof and waterproof. The stickers are available in many designs with themes such as pop culture, animals, and cityscapes.
Many uses for Supreme stickers

You dont have to be a skateboarding pro or even a skateboarder at all in order to use these decals. Pick up Supreme stickers for yourself as well as for your child. You can also purchase them for any teenager or young adult in your family.

Supreme stickers can be used in places such as:

  • The bumper of your car
  • Skateboards and longboards
  • Your laptop computer
  • Duffel/tote bags
  • Backpacks
Which company makes Supreme stickers?

Supreme is a skateboarding company started to cater to the hip-hop, rock, and skateboarding cultures. It was established in 1994 by James Jebbia, an English businessman and fashion designer; its first store opened in Manhattan the same year. The brand collaborated with fashion superstar Louis Vuitton on a clothing line that was featured in Vuittons Paris show for the fall-winter 2017 season.

Supreme sticker prices

The next time you are searching for a cool sticker to add to your collection, look no further than Supreme stickers. The decals are typically affordable for the standard size, and you can purchase them on eBay at a discount. You can choose between single stickers and packets. Some packets offer many items of the same design, while others carry a variety of unique Supreme designs.

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