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Supreme Graphic Tees for Men

All About Embellished Tee Supreme T-Shirts for Men

Supreme has been making streetwear and skate wear for more than 22 years, bringing clothing designers together with musicians, photographers, and artists to produce a unique line of pop culture-inspired custom-fit fashion. Like Supreme hoodie and Supreme jacket designs, many Supreme tees for men are special edition designs, and they are available on eBay.

Supreme T-shirts for men size options

New and used Supreme tees for men are available on eBay in small, medium, large, extra-large, 2XL, and 3XL sizes. see the manufacturer site for details. Each size is cut according to dual measurements of sleeve and chest size as follows:

  • Small - Small sizes typically have a 34 1/2-inch sleeve and a 35- to 37-inch chest.
  • Medium - Medium sizes usually sport a 35 1/2-inch sleeve and a 38- to 40-inch chest.
  • Large - You can expect a large size to have a 36 1/2-inch sleeve and a 41- to 43-inch chest.
  • XL - You can expect an extra large to have a 37 1/2-inch sleeve and a 44- to 46-inch chest.
  • 2XL - Generally, a 2XL will have a 38 1/2-inch sleeve and a 47- to 49-inch chest.
  • 3XL - The 3XL has a 40-inch sleeve and a 47- to 49-inch chest.
What colors do Supreme T-shirts for men come in?

Supreme tees for men come in black, white, navy, red, and burgundy. Certain special edition Supreme mens tees are available in camouflage.

Supreme T-shirts for men graphics options

Supreme tee embellished T-shirts for men contain graphics ranging from product names to sports, entertainment, and cultural icons. Many of the graphic arts available on Supreme T-shirt womens designs are also available in mens shirts and sizes. Some of the graphics on limited edition Supreme tees for men are exclusive to mens designs. One of the flagship designs in Supreme tees for men is the Supreme T-shirt box logo displaying the white Supreme logo inside a rectangular red box. Variations of the Supreme logo design are set against a different-colored box than the companys trademark red, including patterned background designs.

Just some of the popular Supreme tee graphic designs include the following:

  • Supreme King of New York Tee
  • Supreme Mona Lisa Tee
  • Supreme The North Face Tee
  • Supreme Scarface Tee
  • Supreme Tentacles Tee
  • Supreme Brooklyn Box Logo Tee
  • Supreme Fronts Tee
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