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Ford Mustang Superchargers and Parts

You can add even more muscle to a hot rod with a supercharger kit for a Mustang. These pieces of machinery sit under the hoods of Ford cars and lend a boost to an already overpowered sports car. Usually available in a complete package, these engine enhancers can be an upgrade for the vehicle.

What does a supercharger system do in a Mustang?

A Mustang GT supercharger is an optional engine component that blasts high-pressure air into the internal combustion system. Like any flame, the controlled blaze in the V6 Ford feeds off of oxygen, and a supercharger kit supplies more fuel to the fire, resulting in increased fuel consumption and performance. These parts are among the most common aftermarket additions to a racing vehicle.

How do you install a supercharger system in your Mustang?

This project involves the installation of multiple different parts, such as a fuel injector and mounting brackets. A wide variety of shop tools are also required, as you will be working with high-end components requiring close attention to detail. Complete installation instructions can be found included with the Mustang supercharger kit.

What added performance can you expect from a supercharger?

The maximum amount of added horsepower that one of these kits can add to a Mustang varies depending on the supercharger. Although some manufacturers list an actual numerical increase, in reality, the horsepower benefit to the V6 Ford Mustang is measured in proportions rather than whole numbers. The added air pressure in the supercharged internal combustion engine can provide a horsepower boost of 35% to 40%, with some models adding even more power.

Can you use standard engine oil in your supercharger system?

No, you cannot. These complex machines take a special kind of oil that differs from the oil used in the engine. Supercharger oil comes in a small 4-ounce bottle. You can add this oil to the Mustang supercharger with a special syringe.

Are superchargers sold alone or as complete kits?

While it is possible to buy these performance enhancers on their own, most come in a complete kit that includes installation hardware. Purchasing a supercharger for a Ford Mustang without additional critical pieces, like an intercooler, can leave you searching for these parts. You should buy these upgrade parts only in complete kits unless you are sure you have all the other parts necessary to install them and get them working.

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