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Buick Riviera Supercharger Parts

For drivers looking for exciting power and performance, purchasing a car such as the Buick Riviera equipped with a supercharger can be an option. Superchargers can quickly and efficiently increase an auto’s performance. If you are looking for even more horsepower and torque, superchargers can also be easily upgraded or swapped out.

What is a Buick Riviera supercharger?

The Riviera’s supercharger is a large air compressor that is attached to the Buick’s engine. It uses the motor’s own power to increase horsepower and torque, enhancing the vehicle's acceleration and top speed. It does so more efficiently than simply increasing the size of the engine.

How does a Buick Riviera’s supercharger work?

The Riviera’s supercharger works by increasing the pressure and density of air within the car engine’s combustion chamber. The various parts of the Riviera's supercharger work together to allow the Riviera to burn more fuel, increasing its power output. The entire assembly connects to the car’s crankshaft, so the faster the Buick Riviera is running, the more horsepower and torque the Riviera's supercharger produces.

What are the parts of a Buick Riviera’s supercharger?

There are numerous Buick Riviera parts that make up the supercharger. The first of these is the compressor. This is the heart of the supercharger. The Buick Riviera’s compressor is made of several component parts. These include the inlet and outlet ports, the rotor, and the rotor housing. Other parts that connect to the compressor are the drive pulley, which draws power from the Riviera’s crankshaft, and a bypass valve and actuator to disengage the supercharger when it is not needed. The bearing plate protects the other parts from damage from within the auto. Any of these parts can be upgraded in most Buick Riviera model years, and this can offer substantial performance increases.

How can a Buick Riviera’s supercharger be upgraded?

A Buick Riviera’s supercharger can be upgraded all at once with a higher-powered supercharger, or the individual parts can be upgraded to ensure the current version is running at its full capacity. Even replacing or upgrading parts as modest as the Buick's supercharger gaskets or pulley belts can increase performance. New compressor component parts or even entire new compressor assemblies can also be added to the car by those with modest mechanical know-how. For the largest power increases, entire new superchargers can be added to the car, with either original Buick Riviera parts or aftermarket models. This process can be more complex, but it does not require any special tools. If you have the right parts and the knowledge, you can do a Buick Riviera supercharger upgrade in your home garage in a relatively short amount of time.