Super Mario All-Stars Video Games

Super Mario All-Stars offers gamers all the action-packed adventure of the Super Marios Bros. series in a single collection of true-to-the-original, 16-bit remakes. This collection of games was first released by Nintendo in 1993 for Super NES and again in 2010 for Wii. Super Mario All-Stars is an unaltered emulation of the SNES game, released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 1985 release of Super Mario Bros.

What games are part of Super Mario All-Stars?

The lineup of games includes Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers 2, and Super Mario Brothers 3, as well as Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels, previously unreleased in North America. Super Mario All-Stars provides gamers the same classic game play of the original 8-bit platform adventures of Mario and friends on NES. The games were reformatted for Super Nintendo’s advanced hardware, featuring enhanced 16-bit graphics, updated soundtracks, and a pause-and-resume save mechanism.

What are some gameplay details about these Mario classics?
  • Super Mario Brothers: This was the first game released by Nintendo and the start of one of the company’s most successful franchises. It uses the plumbing skills of brothers Mario and Luigi to traverse a pipe-laden quest to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the villainous reign of Bowser and his Goomba and Koopa henchmen. The goal is to restore the Kingdom’s loyal servant, Toad, and its rightful heiress, Princess Peach.
  • Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels: Originally only available to Nintendo fans in Japan, this game made its first appearance in North America with the release of Super Mario All-Stars. Classic Mario fans who had mastered all the worlds of Super Mario Bros. could now test their skills with the familiar yet different game-play of the Lost Levels.
  • Super Mario Brothers 2: Mushroom Kingdom’s Princess Peach and Toad join Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Brothers 2 to once again battle Bowser and his henchmen; this time, vegetables are the weapon of choice. Play with the character that most complements your gaming style: hover in the air with Princess Peach, dig faster and pull quicker with Toad, jump higher and farther with Luigi, or get a balanced skill set with Mario.
  • Super Mario Brothers 3: The final Mario release for NES took the series in a new direction with RPG-like elements such as an interactive level map and the ability to collect items and equip them when needed. Equip a raccoon tail with the Super Leaf and fly over the enemies, put on a Frog Suit to out swim opponents, or simply smash anything in your path with the Hammer Suit.
What distinguishes Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition for the Wii?

The limited edition offering of Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii by Nintendo commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Super Mario Brothers release for NES. It contains an exclusive offering of media extras that includes a booklet of Super Mario History: 1985-2010. The booklet details the history of Mario, the video game development of Super Mario World, and a CD soundtrack of the songs used in the Super Mario All-Stars games.

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