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Sunroof, Convertible, and Hardtop for Mitsubishi Eclipse

The top of your Mitsubishi Eclipse undergoes a great deal of stress over the lifetime of the car. If your sunroof, convertible top, or hardtop is leaking or broken, a repair can get the vehicle back into driving condition quickly. With a wide selection, you can choose from a variety of replacement parts for Eclipse cars from every year of production.

What are the window types for a soft top?

The soft-top convertible Eclipse features a rear window to increase visibility as you drive. If you’re replacing the retractable top, you can select from two different window types:

  • Glass: These options are durable and tough, so they often last for a long time.
  • Plastic: These options are affordable, and they fold easily when you retract the convertible.
What fabric types are there for convertible tops?

Most tops are made with twill or sailcloth; each one has different features and benefits.

  • Sailcloth: Sailcloth is the standard material for many cars. Made from vinyl, the material is sturdy and waterproof; it usually features a vinyl outer layer and a cloth lining. These types of tops are sturdy and affordable, and designed for long-lasting UV resistance. The exterior of the top is often made with a woven texture that resembles actual cloth.
  • Twill: Twill, or canvas, is often an upgrade option for your car. This fabric is woven, so it creates a luxurious look. Canvas also helps reduce wind noise for the driver and passengers.
What is a sunroof?

The sunroof is a fixed glass panel in the top of some Mitsubishi Eclipse cars. Most sunroof panels pop up for extra ventilation, and many can be removed completely. When you replace your sunroof, it’s also important to replace the rubber weather stripping around the edges to prevent leaks and damage to the edges of the glass. You may also need to replace the motor for the roof.

What is a hardtop?

A hardtop is a non-retractable top piece for a Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible. This type of top is usually effective if you live in a warm, dry area that does not require frequent roof coverage. You can remove the top during the summer, and replace it during the colder or rainier seasons to enjoy the shade, warmth, and coverage. Since each part is engineered for a specific Mitsubishi, it’s crucial to check that your vehicle is the perfect fit.