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Toyota FJ Cruiser Sun Visors

Sun visors shade sun and glare from your eyes as you drive, making these an important safety and comfort feature in your Toyota FJ Cruiser. These car parts may also integrate other functionalities, including a mirror, garage controls, an extension to block more light, pockets or clips for storage purposes, and more, ensuring that you can find the right option to meet your needs and desires. Sun visors are generally easy to mount in your FJ, and they can add a perfect touch to the interior, making these products a great piece to incorporate in your Toyota vehicle.

How do you replace front sun visors in a FJ?

Installing a new sun visor in your Toyota FJ Cruiser can easily be done quickly at home and requires very few tools.

  • If the screws are covered, use a flathead screwdriver to take the trim cover of the bracket off or lift the flap covering the screws on both brackets.
  • Unscrew these screws to remove the bracket and visor. Some force may be needed to get the brackets out of the socket in the vehicle's ceiling. Unhook any wiring if the current visor has a light or other electronic functionality.
  • Position each of the new brackets, placing them in the designated socket and securing them with the screws and screwdriver. Connect any wiring to the new product if applicable.
  • Check that your FJ's new visor works smoothly by moving the visor in the varied positions and checking the wiring, if it has any.
What are the parts of a vehicle sun visor?

In general, vehicle front-seat visors consist of two brackets and the visor itself. The first bracket is mounted near the FJ Cruiser's side window and has an arm incorporated, which holds the visor panel and allows it to pivot to the side so that the visor can block sun entering the vehicle's side window. The second bracket resembles a hook or utilizes a clip to support the visor on the opposite side. Instead of two brackets, some Toyota FJ visors contain a single mount that contains both the arm that holds the visor and a hook. The visor itself is simply a lightweight panel that blocks the light without overly blocking your view of the road. The visor may incorporate lights, a mirror, electronic systems for garage doors, and more.

What other types of visors are there for Toyota FJs?

There are many visors that can also be installed in the back seats of an FJ Cruiser to shade the backseat passengers as well. These products often are designed more as shades that can be stuck directly against the vehicle's interior window using a specific adhesive or suction cup, or they can be mounted to the ceiling or the handle above the Toyota's passenger window. Many of these can be removed easily or retracted when desired. There are also other visors for the driver's purposes as well, including anti-glare visors that are mounted to the windshield of the FJ Cruiser or options that can be mounted to the grab handles for extra coverage.