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Saturn Vue Sun Visors

Having sun visors in the front seat of your Saturn Vue is an important safety feature because they increase visibility by shading sunlight, reflections, and glare from your eyes. These parts are simple to replace and install in your Saturn SUV, and the many options available ensure that you will be able to find a product that fits your needs and desires. These parts come in a variety of materials, shapes, colors, and other features, including mirrors, visor extensions, storage pockets, lighting, garage controls, and more.

How do you install a sun visor?

Sun visors are simple to replace, as they are easy to access and require few tools and little time to get the job done. Note that the process may vary depending on the specific year and model of your Vue and the visor replacement you are trying to install.

  • Using a flat head screwdriver or pry tool, pop off the trim that covers the brackets at either end of the visor so that the screws can be accessed. Sometimes the screws are visible through the trim and can be taken out first.
  • Use the screwdriver to remove the screws so that you can take off the old brackets and sun visor. You may need to apply some outward pressure to pull the brackets out of the ceiling of your Saturn.
  • If applicable, unhook any harnesses that connect the wiring in the visor to the Vue's electrical system.
  • Place each of the new brackets into the sockets on the ceiling and tighten them with the screws. Hook up any of the wires to the new sun visor if needed.
  • Check the functionality of the visor and aspects such as lights by turning on the electrical features and moving the visor in different directions to ensure smooth movement.
How do you purchase front seat sun visors?

Luckily, purchasing sun visors is straightforward, but there are many options to choose from when looking to install one in your Saturn Vue. Many sun visors are universal, so they should fit in the sockets in the front seat of your SUV, but keep sizing in mind to make sure you get one that fits in the designated spot. Consider color and material, as this can add either a bold look to the interior of your Saturn or can simply blend in with other components. Take into consideration the features you desire as well, such as a light, a mirror with or without a light, garage coding, pockets, extenders, and more.

What visors work well in back seats?

There are many visors and shade options that are great for shading passengers in the back seat of your Saturn Vue. These visors may attach to the ceiling, grab handle, or directly to the window of your vehicle, and they are commonly made of a mesh material, but can also be solid. They can also retract or be removed when not in use.