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Pontiac G6 Sun Visors

The first model of the Pontiac G6 was created in 2005 by General Motors. In 2010, the G6 production was ended due to the discontinuation of the Pontiac line. While the Pontiac line was discontinued, you can still find parts such as sun visors for the Pontiac G2 in the case that they become broken or damaged and require a replacement or repair.

What Pontiac G6 years' sun visors are compatible?

You can expect G6 sun visors from 2005 until 2010 to be compatible and fit properly into any year of the car. They have a relatively similar construction and experienced little to no change in design. Some sun visors from cars made by Chevy during these years may fit into a completely different car like the Pontiac G6 sedan or coupe made by General Motors. If you are not sure, double check with the manufacturer or car manual to find the part number. Aftermarket sun visor options are traditionally good for any year model of the vehicle.

How do you install a new Pontiac G6 sun visor?

Pontiac G6 sun visors have a relatively simple design that is easy to remove and install. You will need no more than a flat head and Philips screwdriver for the assembly process. To uninstall or install a sun visor:

  1. Find a sun visor that fits and matches the interior color, size, and model of your vehicle.
  2. Turn the sun visor so it is against the window so you have better access to the attachment area.
  3. Carefully pry the plastic cover over the main assembly off with a flathead screwdriver.
  4. With a Philips head screwdriver, take out each screw in the assembly and place them to the side.
  5. After all the screws have been removed, gently tug and remove the sun visor stem from the assembly until it comes out.
  6. Align the new visor up with the screw holes, put the screws into their sockets and replace the plastic cover.
How do you clean a Pontiac G6 sun visor?

Keeping your sun visors clean is easy to do. To clean a sun visor:

  • Obtain a quality interior fabric cleaner and spray it evenly over the surface of the stains or entire headliner if you prefer.
  • With a simple cloth, scrub into the fabric in either circular or side-to-side motions until the stain is removed. Repeat if necessary.
  • You may choose to take the sun visor off completely to clean it in a more comfortable position.