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How to Keep Your Car Cool When It's Hot Outside

Hot summer sun beating into your Pathfinder is just a recipe for disaster, especially when you have items inside that you would prefer to keep cool. It is also not very pleasant getting into a steaming hot oven and burning your legs on the black seats, or your hands on the steering wheel. By using sun visors, you can help keep your car cool while it is parked. 

Which Windows Can I Put Sun Visors On?

You can find a few shapes and kinds of sun visors that are for the different windows of your Nissan Pathfinder.

  • Windshield: The most common window to put a sun visor on is your windshield. This helps block the sun out from the driver side and passenger side so that when you get back into the car, the dash, steering wheel, hand brake, and seats are at a regular temperature. You can get a simple fan-fold sun visor that when open, stretches across the windshield so no light can get in to the interior. These often use silver material since silver reflects the heat. When not in use, you can store this visor on the floor of the back seat or in the trunk.
  • Rear window: The same concept for a windshield cover applies for the rear window of your SUV, however since the window shape is smaller, you can't use the same size as you would for the front. Look for a special sized rear window sun visor that fits instead.
  • Side windows: Since you may have children traveling in the back, you might like to protect their eyes and skin from the sun at all times. You can install a sun visor that stays on the inside of the window permanently.

Are There Different Colors and Patterns?

You can find many colors and patterns for the various sun visors. Remember silver is a good choice as it reflects heat, but do not use it side window visors when you are driving since the reflection can distract other drivers and disrupt their view of the road. 

Can I Find Replacement Parts for the Internal Built-in Sun Visor?

All vehicles come with small sun visors that hang from the roof above the windshield on both the driver and passenger sides of the truck. These auto parts can pull down or put back up as required and help to shield the driver's eyes from low sun while driving. These sun visors stay in place via clips, and if yours happens to break, you can search for replacement clips that you can install yourself. You can also replace your Nissan Pathfinder sun visor if you need using a product from an OEM, and perhaps you may like to select one with a mirror if you don't already. 

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